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December 30, 2009

Kick-Ass Trailer Starring Hit-Girl!

Your guess is as good as mine when the next issue of Kick-Ass is coming out (in 20 months only 7 issues have been released), but the movie is on schedule to premiere April 16, 2010. An advanced screening took place here in LA a few months ago and the response has been a positive one for the most part. Below is the new trailer that was released for the film, starring the series’ Femme Fatale (minus the sex): the 11 year old Hit-Girl (played by actress Chloe Moretz). This video is not work friendly- for language and violence- so make sure the kiddies aren’t around:

Hit-Girl is only a supporting character in the film as the lead role belongs to Dave Lizewski (played by actor Aaron Johnson). Dave is a geeky teenager (with no combat training or skills whatsoever) who decides one day to become a super hero, calling himself Kick-Ass. The results of Dave’s exploits, as you can expect, are pretty catastrophic as Kick-Ass ends up getting his ass kicked more often than the opposition. In case you missed it here’s the original trailer for the film:

I’m looking forward to this movie as the comic by Mark Millar (writer) and John Romita Jr. (artist) have been kicking ass throughout its short run- even if it comes out on a less than regular schedule. Published by the Marvel imprint, Icon, Kick-Ass #1 already sells for $10 which isn’t bad for a comic that’s less than two years old.

Andy Liegl



  1. Kristin

    Ah, that looks cute. Very comic book-like, which is what you want from a comic book movie. Though that is some of the worst acting I’ve ever seen from Nic Cage (although that might be on purpose).

  2. InfiniteSpeech

    Great trailers but I wonder if she did all of her own stunts?

  3. billy

    Good stuff Andy!

  4. Phil

    Ha, that first trailer was great. The scene where she was in a schoolgirl uniform reminded me of gunslinger girl.

  5. @Kristin- I actually like what I’ve seen from Cage so far!

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