May 17, 2017

Blu-Ray Review: One Punch Man Season 1 Combo Pack

Digital downloads are becoming more and more common so things like Blu-Ray and DVD have to really make it worth your while to purchase them instead. Every week new collections come out for shows and movies, new and old. One Punch Man is a relatively new series, a second season on the way, and the first season finally is being released, in full, here in the U.S. You can get the show in DVD, Blu-Ray, or a combo pack of the two with some nice extras. This review is on the combo pack so let’s dig in.

The set is in plastic sleave as well as a carboard case to keep the disc case safe. While Saitama himself can take a lot of damage and shrug it off, Blu-Ray and DVD discs aren’t so much, this little fortress is nice armor. Alongside your disc case is a collection of roughly postcard-sized images of many of the main cast, including Mumen Rider!

Besides the discs themselvea, the best thing to come with the box set is the Secret One-Punch Man Notes Compus. It’s a notebook with notes about every episode and every character getting write ups that range from a quarter of a page to a full page! There’s also interviews from folks who worked on the show with questions about themselves and the show. There’s also a small segment of the first chapter from the manga at the end of the booklet. This is pretty great because if you love all the characters in the show they’ll get little bits of information about them as well as their Hero Association Ranking.

The show itself looks great in high definition and you have the option to go sub or dub. The problem was that it was limited to just English and Japanese for audio or subtitle options. I understand that this is common for anime sets I just always enjoy when several languages are options as well as audio assistance for those who need visuals described. Pretty much the only complaint I can give this set are those options not existing. The OVAs it comes with are fun little extra looks into this world and its characters,  if you want to see stories that focus on the other characters, the OVAs are great fun.

All around, the Blu-Ray/DVD combo is great for the booklet which I could easily being a ten dollar purchase if sold separately and I do find myself loving thsee little cards of heroes. The set is 60 dollars, so if that’s too pricey you can always go for the Blu-Ray or DVD single packs, but if you want those extras I think you gotta go for the combo pack. I’m very happy with it. I hope they do this for when season 2 is complete.

Dr. Bustos



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