May 10, 2017

First Look At ‘Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe’ Variant Covers

Valiant is proud to unveil the first look at the upcoming NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE series of variant covers – an all-new line of steel-shattering shelf covers spotlighting the battle-hardened heroes of the upcoming VALIANT DIGITAL webseries! Arriving on shelves in comic shops everywhere from May through August, get your first look at the hotly anticipated live-action debut of Valiant’s most iconic and renowned heroes – including Ninjak, Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, Livewire, Armstrong, and more – as realized by the series’ star-studded cast.

Announced last year at New York Comic Con, NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE is a first-of-its-kind, live-action digital series. Premiering online in late 2017, the bone-shattering, six-episode series will pit MI-6’s master assassin, Ninjak, against a gauntlet of Valiant’s most formidable heroes for a bloodstained battle royale torn from the pages of the largest independent superhero universe in comics. The series will be the first project from VALIANT DIGITAL – a new division of Valiant Entertainment committed to producing original content in live-action, animation and emerging media created specifically for the digital arena.

Colin King is Ninjak, MI-6’s deadliest intelligence operative and weapons expert. When the ruthless assassin Roku exploits his greatest weakness, Ninjak will be forced to betray his closest allies. Now, on the run, he must face off against the most powerful heroes known to man for a high-octane, take-no-prisoners trial by fire more perilous and more unpredictable than any he’s faced before. In 2017, the world’s most dangerous super-spy goes to war with the Valiant Universe…

John Morrison as the Eternal Warrior

Michael Rowe as Ninjak

Now, before the world’s deadliest intelligence operative collides with an awe-inspiring cast of heroes from across Valiant’s groundbreaking, award-winning superhero universe in 2017, take home a piece of the action with the NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE line of variant covers – hitting stores all summer long on the following Valiant Entertainment releases:
Written by Robert Venditti; Art by Renato Guedes
On Sale MAY 10th

RAPTURE #1 (of 4)
Written by Matt Kindt; Art by CAFU
On Sale MAY 24th

Written by Rafer Roberts; Art by Francis Portela
On Sale JUNE 14th

RAPTURE #2 (of 4)
Written by Matt Kindt; Art by CAFU
On Sale JUNE 21st

Written by Eliot Rahal; Art by Khari Evans
On Sale JULY 5th

RAPTURE #3 (of 4)
Written by Matt Kindt; Art by CAFU
On Sale JULY 19th

Written by Matt Kindt; Art by Renato Guedes
On Sale AUGUST 16th

RAPTURE #4 (of 4)
Written by Matt Kindt; Art by CAFU
On Sale AUGUST 30th

Each NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE variant cover will be available as a standard “order all” shelf cover and will be available for retailers to order in unlimited quantities at the standard suggested retail price.


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