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May 7, 2017

Character Spotlight: Lockjaw

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Technically, he’s a nightmare incarnate, a dog who can teleport. Can you imagine trying to take care of such a dog? No fence could hold him. Thankfully, Lockjaw is a good dog and knows when to stick around and when to get out of trouble. Who’s Lockjaw and how can he teleport? Let’s find out.

Whether Lockjaw is a dog who was revealed to be an Inhuman by the transformative properties of the Terragen Mists or if he was a human who became a giant dog by the mists. The idea that he was a human transformed has been used to prank people before so hopefully that one isn’t true. Either way, Lockjaw is a giant doggy who can teleport and is very smart and long-lived.

Lockjaw serves the House of Agon, the Inhuman royal family, mainly he stays at the side of cousins, Crystal and Black Bolt. By the way, Black Bolt’s full name is Blackagon Boltagon, just so you know that fun weirdness. Serving as both beloved friend and pet, Lockjaw’s teleportation also made him the perfect transport for the royal family. Simply pet Lockjaw as he teleports and away you go.

Lockjaw would first come to a non-Inhuman settlement when the queen of the Inhumans, Medusa, had gone missing in New York City. There, he and the rest of the royal family would confront the Fantastic Four in their search. This was at a time when Black Bolt’s brother Maximus had taken his throne from him. Now with the Fantastic Four helping, Lockjaw teleported them all to face off against Maximus and take back the trone.

Sadly, the Inhumans were trapped in a negative zone barrier by Maximus, except Lockjaw could easily escape. He left to find Jonny Storm, the Human Torch, and would end up traveling a random assortment of dimensions before being able to make it back. Johnny Storm, the Human Torch had tonleave to fight a threat the Fantastic Four could handle. The other Inhumans freed themselves but their home of Attilan was left in devastation. Crystal and Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, had fallen in love and Lockjaw would try to reunite them but was just teleport in all over the place since he didn’t know exactly where Johnny Storm, the Human Torch was. Once he knew where to go he was able to get the two back together.

It can easily be said that the Inhumans and their allies would have certainly died during some conflicts if they didn’t have Lockjaw there to bail them out. Besides the royal family he’d also help out the Fantastic Four family, often times staying with Ben Grimm, the Thing. The two would babysit the young Franklin and Valeria Richards much to the baby and toddler’s delight.

Lockjaw is a giant, sweet, smart, and loving dog friend who can literally be by your side in a moment’s notice. It’s why he was chosen to watch over the new superhero and Inhuman, Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, when she came to the attention to the Inhumans. He’d stay with her in secret until she was a bit more secure in being on her own in the heroics business. For a time he’d join up with other animal heroes to form the Pet Avengers to help make the world safe and look cute while doing it. Seriously though, they dealt with the Infinity Gauntlet and saved the day. He’s gone back to aiding the House of Agon since then, but is always ready to help out a friend, new or old.

There you have it! Lockjaw is a friend to all good people and pets, only those who wish to hurt his friends should fear him. He doesn’t even have to bite you, he could teleport you wherever he wants, that could be more damaging than any tooth. There is an Inhumans television show coming soon, here’s hoping we’ll get to see one of the best Inhumans making his debut. See you next time!

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