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May 3, 2017

Valiant Reveiws: Secret Weapons #1

Secret Weapons #1
Publisher: Valiant
Writer: Eric Heisserer
Artist: Raúl Allén
Colors: Patricia Martin
Cover: Raúl Allén

Every time I think that Valiant can’t impress me any more in one week they go and do something like this. Secret Weapons is a new series that accomplishes everything you’d want in a first issue as  Heisserer introduces readers to an all new group of psiots while giving Livewire some purpose and direction after Unity’s demise.

The story revolves around several individuals who drew the short straw when it came to superpowers. One guy can illuminate inanimate objects, another can make stuff appear but has no control over what or when this will happen, while another can speak with birds. That last one is probably the best out of what we are shown so far but someone is out to get them nonetheless. Heisserer builds quite a mystery here and at the same time fleshes out these characters enough to where you actually care what happens to them. His superb character interactions hit the right beats at every turn and I’ll have to say that Nicole and Owen’s time on the roof was a great moment. And if you forgot how much of a jerk Harada is, Heisserer quickly reminds you why he’s an ass. Heisserer also has a nice handle on Livewire and having her go after these kids falls more in line with going up against Harada than when she was spending time with Unity. She’s looking for some redemption here after finding out the truth about her former boss and the writing here shows how determined she is. It also shows how much of a badass Livewire can be as well along with a few surprises.

Secret Weapons is also a book that has some wonderful artwork from start to finish. Allén’s visual introduction to Nicole reveals how casual and natural she is with her abilities but also hints at some of her physical prowess that she’ll show off later. The sequence where Livewire sees the bullet ridden rooms of the children just hits you in the chest as her expression and body language say everything that needs to be said. When the action begins the book doesn’t lose a step and it’s just panel after panel of excitement. Martin’s colors compliment everything about the artwork and it’s just great to see that yet another Valiant book looks this good. Unfortunately our review copy did not have letterer credit on it but a huge shoutout to that individual because a couple of the chase scenes were given that extra kick because of those talents.

Secret Weapons is a comic that will satisfy both longtime fans and new readers looking to spend their money on a comic that’s worth every penny. The first issue doesn’t hit shelves until June  28th so you’ve got time to add it to your pull lists before then.

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