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April 25, 2017

Crisis Of Infinite Reviews 04/19/17

Batman #21
Publisher: DC
Writer: Tom King
Artist: Jason Fabok
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Cover: Jason Fabok & Brad Anderson

Ever since Batman found that infamous bloodied smiley button in Rebirth #1 we’ve been waiting on DC to deliver on that jaw dropping moment. Well now it’s time for that to happen as The Button kicks off one of the greatest mysteries to hit the DCU. And who better to be at the center of all this than the Dark Knight and Flash though it gets off to a really rough start for Batman.

Tom King makes sure once you read this issue that you’ll want to come back for more and that’s only after getting past the first few pages. He doesn’t waste too much time kicking things off as we see that the button while in close proximity to Psycho Pirate’s mask has an unexpected effect. This brief moment brings together elements of Flashpoint and Watchmen along with some of King’s current run on this series into one great package. There’s a very strong narrative here and having Batman go up against Reverse Flash was the highlight moment second only to King showing off Reverse Flash’s pettiness along the way.

Fabok’s artwork impresses on various levels depending on whether or not you’ve read the Watchmen story. Aside from the usual great artwork inside the panels he also tips his hat to the classic story by using a similar grid style layout to move the story visually. There’s a page with Reverse Flash nailing Batman with about 9 punches in 2 seconds that is just a wonderful display of action and color. The fight sequence is bloody and painful for Batman but you’ll want to go over every panel because Anderson’s colors just make it that much better to look at. Let’s just also take a minute (no pun intended) to recognize that “zpow” will be the most hated sound that Batman remembers thanks to letterer Deron Bennett.

King makes sure you didn’t have to have read Flashpoint or Watchmen to get into The Button which might actually add more to the mystery. It’s a great issue that opens up so many more questions and possible fan theories and it’s a great set up for what happens next with Flash! 4.5/5


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