April 6, 2017

Wondercon Anaheim 2017

Another year, another Wondercon! This time back in their new-ish home of the Anaheim Convention Center. After a visit in L.A. we’re back for more fan celebrations of all manner of things. There was plenty to see this year so let’s get to the pictures!

DC Comics was all about putting the Wonder into Wondercon to celebrate Wonder Woman’s movie and 75th anniversary.

Artist’s Alley was booming with one giant section dedicated to them right where regstration let you into the con. Plenty of amazing art and other merch provided by all kinds of amazing artists.

One such artist was… Chomp Zplinksy? Anyway, you may know him from his art on Sex Criminals or his writing of Howard the Duck, Jughead, and soon to be Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man. He was on hand to draw pretty much anything and take pictures with you that may be admissible in a court of law.

it wouldn’t be a Wondercon without some little droid running around and here we have one of the stars of Star Wars Rebels, Chopper. He’s much nicer in person, clearly his surliness is just an act.

GOBLIN FIGHT! GOBLIN FIGHT! The thing you don’t get from this picture was that they had wizard boards in their goblin gliders to allow them to move about to menace the citizens of Wondercon.

If you’re a fan of McElroy content, like me, getting to see folks dressed as characters from The Adventure Zone podcast and as the delightful creations from the Monster Factory YouTube series. There were so many Taakos and even a The Adventure Zone meet-up that I couldn’t attend.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a new anime series based off a manga and there were several dragons able to just let their tails and horns out at a convention since people just think it’s great cosplay. Suuuure, cosplay.

Video games were another favorite cosplay staple. Plenty of Overwatch and even some Fire Emblem! All sorts of video game characters freed from the screen and running about the con floor.

Wondercon Anaheim 2017 has come and gone but the memories will stick with its many visitors. This was a year of some of the best cosplay, it feels like everyone is just getting better and better at it. There were many amazing guests who got to meet their fans. It was a fun time and I hope next year is even better. Until then, see you next time!

Dr. Bustos



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