March 26, 2017

Character Spotlight: Colleen Wing

Trained in the ways of Bushido. Licensed bounty hunter and private investigator. Colleen Wing has many skills and knows how to put them to use. How did she become known as a Daughter of the Dragon and a Hero for Hire? Let’s find out!

Colleen Wing is the daughter of Azumi Ozawa and Professor Lee Wing. Her mother would be killed while Colleen was very young. Her father sent Colleen to be raised her grandfather, Kenji Ozawa, who would raise her in the ways of the samurai on the mountains of Honshu, Japan. When her grandfather is killed, Colleen heads to New York to be with her father.

New York City was even more dangerous than the crime-filled mountains, only one of those locations is surprising for its crime rate. Caught in a gun battle, Colleen would be saved by detective Misty Knight, the two would become lifelong friends. Starting their own private investigation company, KnightWing Restorations Ltd. after Misty lost her arm and quit the force.

Taking on normal P.I. work didn’t last very long once Colleen met the Iron Fist who had just arrived in New York. She and Misty were now dealing with super powered clientele soon meeting Luke Cage and forming Heroes for Hire with them to be ready for superpowered threats to the citizens while making a buck.

Having several adventures as Heroes for Hire, Colleen and Misty would realize that they wanted to work as the Daughters of the Dragon, being bail bondsman. They found that while they were fully capable working with super people, they preferred a slightly more normal career. This would only work in theory as they’d end up getting to be bail bondsman for super criminals more often than not. Colleen was realizing once you were in the super game, you rarely got out for good.

Constantly, Colleen would find one reason or another working with or being a superhero. No matter how much she wanted to lead a simplementation life, she’d get pulled back in to use her skills to help others. During the Superhero Civil War she was originally anti-registration until she realized that she could just go after the villains who were already breaking the law before registration was even an idea. She and Misty would create a new Heroes for Hire to facilitate their team.

Once the Civil War was settled she’d go on to continue working as an adventurer until being called upon to deal with Daredevil’s Shadowland. Originally, she and her friends were to talk to him about creating a city of undead ninja in the middle of New York City but he thought they were there to attack him. She’d eventually get called back to lead an order called the Nail, a group of warriors her mother once lead before being killed. She decides to lead them for a time so she can keep a better eye on Daredevil and assist with the dismantling of Shadowland later. Afterward she’d return to dealing with street-level crime.

There you have it! Colleen Wing is part of the Heroes for Hire crew and the Daughters of the Dragon. She recently made her small screen premiere on the Iron Fist Netflix series and will hopefully be appearing in the Defenders Netflix series. What’s next for her in the comics? We’ll have to wait and see! See you next time!

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