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March 14, 2017

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 03/08/17

Superwoman #8
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Phil Jimenez
Artist: Jack Herbert
Inker: Stephen Segovia
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Cover: Renato Guedes & Yasmine Putri

After the battle to save Metropolis from the technological megalomaniac Ultrawoman, Lana Lang has pushed herself and her inherited super powers to their limit. Choosing her own self destruction in an effort to keep both the people and her loved ones safe. Now as she lay dying from the effort in almost the same way Lois Lane did, she is confronted by the images of friends she lost.  Issue 8 is a bit of an introspective issue as all of the events play out inside Lana’s head.  She battles her depression and self-deprecation as the ghosts of Lois Lane and Superman attempt to help her find a reason to live.

As a reader this issue is passable.  It doesn’t add anything to the story of Lana Lang/Superwoman outside of being a Superman Reborn tie-in. Lana’s state of mind has been a huge part of the Superwoman series so far but her criticism of herself and her worth has grown quite annoying with even Lois Lane commenting on it within the book.  Issue #8 is also a bit confusing in what it’s trying to say.  After several reads I couldn’t tell whether Lois and Clark had appeared to her to help her find her will to live or to simply ask for their powers back so THEY could live instead or both. I guess Issue #9 will have to clear that up.  While this issue offers some nicely illustrated panels it’s also fairly inconsistent in the art department with a few pages looking like they might have been drawn by a different artist entirely.  As a fan of Superwoman and the story of Lana and Lois I could easily recommend a pass on this particular issue. It’s doubtful that missing this issue will have any ramifications my fellow Superwoman fans out there. 2/5

Flash #18
Publisher: DC
Writer: Josh Williamson
Artist: Jesus Merino
Inker: Andy Owens
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Cover: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Wally is on a mission to find his father who pretended to be his uncle but was also the murderous Reverse Flash! So things are a bit more complicated than usual when it comes to this potential reunion. After stealing some information in the previous issue Wally discovered his dad was transferred to Belle Reve which means that Josh Williamson gets to bring one of the most intimidating characters in the DCU to this story, Amanda “The Wall” Waller! We also head to Australia by the issue’s end because Digger Harkness is the next step to solving this mystery.

This is another solid issue from Williamson as he’s fleshing out the relationship between Barry and Wally. We get some strong character moments and he’s really delivering on Wally’s conflict and trauma in dealing with who his father really is. The trip to Belle Reve is also a nice balance of action and suspense when Waller is on the scene. There was a point of minor disappointment because seeing that Digger would show up I knew we’d get the disappointingly generic “The Australian Outback” setting and of course it pops up. There’s so much more to the country and that location seems to be all we get when it comes to comics. Merino’s art moves Williamson’s narrative with a nice fluidity and we get some great looking pages here. There’s a double page spread capturing the Reverse Flash in a nightmare sequence that kicks things off. Then we also get a wordless panel where he nails Waller’s mood when Kid Flash gets a bit reckless with his mouth. All in all an issue worth picking up! 3.5/5

Titans #9
Publisher: DC
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brett Booth
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Cover: Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund, & Andrew Dalhouse

Abnett nails the superhero feel of this team and their chemistry is what has made this a series worth picking up. Tbe Titans are not too trusting that Meta Solutions is on the level with wanting to help especially when represented by Psimon, Gizmo, Jinx, Shimmer, and Mammoth. But it’s this conflict that Abnett makes a strong case for when the team is discussing redemption and coming back from that dark place. There are strong references to Roy’s past which help give this debate sone weight and drive the character moments. The Kid Flash/Nightwing moments still are the highlight of the issue when we’re not laughing at Garth just wanting to hit someone. But one moment had me give this issue the side eye and it’s when Mammoth gets a hit on Kid Flash. I just couldn’t understand that one. At all.

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the art of Brett Booth. The guy’s panel layouts and how he moves your eyes with the story have always been on point with me. The action is dynamic and everyone looks good during these sequences. However, unless the character has some physically defining characteristic (like Psimon) their looks are quite similar. Dalhouse brings it all together with his colors and takes Booth’s panels to another level especially when Wally or Bumblebee are using their powers. So let’s hope we get more of that next issue because Bumblebee looks determined to cut loose on that last page. 3/5


[Editor’s Note: The following review has spoilers so proceed at your own risk]

Action Comics #975
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer(s): Dan Jurgens & Paul Dini
Artist: Doug Mahnke & Ian Churchill 
Inker(s): Jamie Mendoza & Ian Churchill
Colorist(s): Wil Quintana & Mike Atiyeh
Cover: Patrick Gleason & Mickelson Gray

It’s been a few months since Pre 52 Superman and Lois Lane stepped into the shoes of the New 52 Superman and Lois. Since the death of Superman there’s been a single wild card in the mix and that is Clark Kent.  Somehow, Clark Kent has managed to survive the death of Superman, seemingly depowered with no memory of ever being the Man of Steel.  His story has been a nagging mystery to readers and Writer Dan Jurgens has decided it’s time for fans to find out what’s going on with good ol’ Clark Kent.  Over the last few issues of Action Comics Clark Kent has been getting weirder and weirder.  After the events of Action Comics #974 when Clark got a glimpse of the Kent family all together he had a breakdown and as a reader I got incredibly excited to see what would happen next.

Issue #975 begins with the abduction of Jonathan Kent with a very pissed off Superman and Lois heading straight for Clark Kent as their prime suspect.  Superman confronts Clark Kent about the abduction leading to the reveal of his true identity and possibly the biggest let down I’ve seen in comics.

*Spoiler Alert*

It’s Mr. Mxyzptlk

After months of lead up and that incredibly creepy scene at the end of issue #974 I was expecting so much more as a reader.  With Mahnke’s artwork being so strong in this issue and all the visually stunning images as the pages flash from one Superman legacy villain to the next I couldn’t turn the page fast enough to find out Kent’s identity.  I just wish the pay off was more satisfying.  It should be noted that this is a double issue.  The second half of the book deals with Jonathan’s interaction with Mr. Mxyzptlk and honestly it’s a lot more interesting than Superman’s interaction story wise. 3/5


Eric Snell

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  1. klue

    Not a Superwoman reader but Jimenez is still one of my favs. Not sure how to feel about the Superman reveal though. It sounds like a really big letdown.

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