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March 12, 2017

The New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Is Here!

More and more, Wonder Woman is looking to be the DC film that fans have been waiting for. This latest trailer digs into her origin and shows off plenty of action and combat along the way. It does mix some familiar footage with some added surprises but it all comes together looking good!

I’ll also add that there is a distinct tonal and visual shift from what we’ve seen in the previous films starring The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight and it’s for the better.

Themyscira looks fantastic and Chris Pine might erase my doubts as a solid Steve Trevor. As for Gadot, just from these trailers alone I’ll just go ahead and say that any further dismissive attitudes towards her portrayal of Wonder Woman should be tabled. She seems to embody the character fully and might end up blowing the other DC films away.

Now if we could only get a shot of Ares!


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