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March 10, 2017

Image Reviews: Motor Crush #4

Motor Crush #4
Publisher: Image
Writer(s): Brenden Fletcher & Cameron Stewart
Artist: Babs Tarr
Colorist: Heather Danforth
Cover: Babs Tarr

Each issue of Motor Crush has been better than the last with the creative team balancing out the mystery, action, and drama almost to perfection. This is why Domino Swift continues to be one of the breakout new characters this year. We finally get a glimpse into her past but like with any good mystery there are more questions left on the table after the flashback. One that introduces new elements to the story that has you just as eager for the next issue in the first few pages. We also see that Domino’s addiction to crush might just go a little deeper than what we think.

There’s also a solid ensemble cast of characters here and Dom is better because of how well they’re written. Whether it’s the father/daughter dynamic or her relationship with Lola there’s plenty here that keeps you centered in the story. Domino herself is quite flawed and makes some questionable decisions. It’s these relatable instances that make you love her, question her, and empathize with her at times. And with the introduction of the new mystery character Dom is even more determined to find her place and the truth about herself.

When it comes to visual storytelling Babs is just killing it with this series. The flashback sequence is a black and white look into the past that smoothly transitions the story into color at a tense moment. Every character expression hits the right beat and syncs with the narrative. We’re also treated to another chase sequence which shows off Dom’s crazy skills on another kind of transportation method other than a motorcycle. Danforth’s colors are fabulous at bringing this world together and taking the art to another level. The crush effect was pretty cool also.

I’m going to highly recommend Motor Crush though this isn’t an issue to just dive in with. There is a helpful recap just in case this is your first one but you should really start at the beginning. But for those already on board just know that we get another rough cliffhanger and things might get ugly next issue!


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