February 24, 2017

Marvel Reviews: Mosaic #5

Mosaic #5
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Geoffrey Thorne 
Artist(s): Khary Randolph & Thony Silas
Colorist(s): Emilio Lopez & Andres Mossa
Cover: Mike Del Mundo

Before wrapping up Mosaic’s introduction to the Marvel Universe, Thorne takes us on a little trip to the past to expand on the present. This not only serves as an informative flashback to help flesh out the story but Thorne also uses it to expand on another aspect of Mosaic’s powers. We also see how the father/son dynamic here is quite twisted regardless of how much Mason may love his son.

Thorne also gives us some action here as it would be a waste for Mosaic to inhabit Spider-Man’s body and not get in a few puches and kicks while in control. This ends up more entertaining than it probably should have just for the mere fact that Spider-Man has no idea what’s going on after Mosaic leaves Peter’s body. It plays out well and even with Spidey’s appearance, Thorne keeps the main focus on Mosaic and his fight with his father and the Brand Corporation. This standoff towards the end was the real payoff even though some elements were predictable. Thorne’s dialogue between Mason and his son reveals more at this point and gives various avenues for their relationship to go. But he leaves no doubt that at this point things are not good.

The visuals are split between Khary Randolph and Thony Silas as colorists Emilio Lopez and Andres Moss help to enhance these panels. If you’ve liked what’s been shown so far then you’ll be quite happy with what’s on these pages. Even though there’s two artists telling the same story there seems to be a conscious effort by Silas to maintain a similar style so the transition isn’t as jarring. This almost seamless transition doesn’t interfere with the pacing of the narrative and you wind up still getting quality art as the story wraps up. Now being that I’m still not sold on Mosaic’s character design, I will say that it’s Lopez’s work here that gives it some kick. He gives it weight and helps bring it to life so at least for me it’s nice to look at for a bit.

Mosaic has been a fun read and an overall solid issue but as part of the entire arc it’s much stronger. So I wouldn’t recommend this one if you’re just now discovering Mosaic. Go back and pick up the previous issues and get the full story from the creative team.

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