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February 14, 2017

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 02/08/17

Justice League of America Rebirth #1
Publisher: DC
Writer: Steve Orland0
Artist: Ivan Reis
Colorist: Marcelo Maiolo
Cover: Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, & Marcelo Maiolo

Batman is putting together a team. A team of heroes more grounded and mortal unlike the gods in the Justice League. So with Black Canary, Vixen, Lobo, Ray, The Atom, and Killer Frost coming together they’ll make up the new JLA! Orlando does this pretty much by the numbers with Batman hitting up each location to round up each member. Sure it’s something we’ve seen numerous times but it’s the interactions between the characters that help to make this one a solid intro to the series. Even characters that weren’t of any interest to me were able to keep my attention thanks to Orlando’s writing. Reis and Maiolo bring some strong visuals to the story and there’s not one bad looking panel in the issue. With my favorite page being Canary and Frost looking up at Batman. It’s just an intense scene that puts the exclamation point on that moment. It’s also good to see Canary and Vixen returning to this team after so long and I’m definitely willing to give this creative team a shot to see how everything plays out. Did anyone else immediately think of Young Justice when they saw Happy Harbor? 3/5

Justice League/Power Rangers #1
Publisher: DC
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Stephen Byrne
Colors: Stephen Byrne
Cover: Karl Kerschl

After being pulled through Lord Zed’s faulty teleportation device in the first issue the Rangers find themselves face to face with Batman. Issue 2 starts off fast as the rest of the Justice League enters the fray. Pitting the likes of Green Lantern and Superman against the Megazords! All the while, in the shadows, Lord Zed enters into an alliance with one of the Justice Leagues greatest enemies.

Justice League / Power Rangers is just pure fun! It genuinely felt like reading a Saturday morning cartoon with the Rangers team that I grew up with. It’s a wonderful book for both the Ranger fans and Justice League fans that is both adventurous and funny. However, this book is obviously meant for the younger readers. Adults may feel a serious nostalgia factor about the book but will find it very thin on content. I would strongly suggest adults buy it for their children. Then…you can borrow it and read it yourself when they’re done. 3/5

All-Star Batman #7
Publisher: DC
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist(s): Tula Lotay & Francesco Francavilla
Colorist(s): Tula Lotay & Francesco Francavilla
Cover: Tula Lotay

Victor Freeze’s attack last issue has had unexpected consequences and due to the specifics Batman seeks out the aid of Poison Ivy. Now, Snyder doesn’t let this play out like one would expect and though he skillfully writes the Dark Knight like we expect we’re also treated to an Ivy that we probably should see more often. Everything about this was worth the cover price and more and Snyder’s last two pages of Ivy’s dialogue was just fantastic. The  second story focusing on Duke has him struggling with his failure against Riddler and him attempting to find his place in Batman’s world. It’s another strong entry but once again it just feels too short. Francavilla continues to deliver his trademark pulp feel that carries the mood perfectly. The panel with Duke sitting in the dark with Titus by his side was something worth hanging on a wall! 4/5


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  1. I love what’s being done with Frost. I can’t wait to see more from her character.

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