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February 10, 2017

The Comics Console: Black Canary Gameplay Trailer For ‘Injustice 2’!

She’s one of the characters that made it onto our Injustice 2 Character Wishlist and now we get to see Black Canary in action in the recent gameplay trailer! Her moves seem to be a combination of mixed martial arts, weapons based, and her Canary Cry which we see a powerful version of at the end of her finisher!

Some might notice her chest to overhead kick combo is pretty much the same as Batman’s from the first game but considering that there was some shared training between the two in the comics we can let that slide. She’s got some impressive throws and some attacks that will downright embarrass anyone who steps up to trade punches with her. The trailer also shows off a few other characters like Blue Beetle and Atrocitus along with some stage transitions as well.

As far as skins go we only get to see her standard costume though I’m sure we’ll get more down the lin. Howeve, it would be great to get an Arrowverse skin with the character voiced by Katie Cassidy who played Black Canary on the Arrow television series. It wouldn’t be too far fetched since Stephen Amell did the same for his Arrow character in the previous game for the Green Arrow skin that was based on the how.

This next video actually breaks down her technique and martial arts skills and how best to apply them during a fight. Canary looks to be one of those deadly close quarters fighters that will have your health meter gone before you know it if you don’t pay attention!

Injustice 2 will be available May 16 on Playstion 4 and Xbox One so you can get your hands on Black Canary and deal out as much punishment to your opponents as you’d like!

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  1. klue

    What do you mean by shared training? I thought Batman trained overseas right?

  2. Iron_Matt

    Both had lessons from Wildcat at some point

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