February 7, 2017

The Final Defender Arrives In New “Iron Fist” Trailer!

The latest Iron Fist trailer has arrived and if the other Marvel Netflix shows are any indication then we’re in for a good time with these 13 episodes!

The trailer shows off the newest Defender returning home after being presumed dead for over a decade. He wants to do right by his father but there’s some kung fu fighting opposition coming his way. The trailer also gives a great amount of face time to Colleen Wing who is just as badass as our hero here and we see the return of an old villain but go ahead and watch the trailer already!

Iron Fist will premiere on March 17th so you’ve got plenty of time to plan your watch parties and live tweet sessions with your friends!


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One Comment

  1. klue

    I don’t see it but then again I didn’t see it with Jessica Jones either and I ended up liking that.

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