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January 29, 2017

Character Spotlight: Nova, Sam Alexander

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I’m of course talking about Nova, Sam Alexander, to be specific. Wielder of the Black Nova Corps helmet. Son of a Nova Corps betrayer? What does all this even mean? Let’s find out!

Samuel Alexander is the son of Jesse and Eve Alexander and brother to Kaelynn Alexander. His father would one day go missing and Sam would begin searching for him. He’d cross paths with Rocket Raccoon and Gamora of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Black Nova Corps helmet. The helmet belonged to his father and seemed to react to Sam, granting him access to it and he’d soon be learning the ins and outs of control this powerful tool and weapon. He’d learn his father once belonged to the Nova Corps, a space-patrolling police force of the universe. Sam now appeared to be the sole owner of any helmet that granted the Nova Corps members their powers and suit.

Even though Sam is only a teen he’d take the helmet and begin exploring space to find his father. He’d meet Uatu, the Watcher on Earth’s moon and the two would become friends. Uatu would also show Sam that the Chitauri alien race was inbound to conquer Earth. Sam would help stop them from reaching Earth but was still left wondering what happened to his father. Going further into outer space, Sam would discover that the Phoenix Force was on its way to Earth and after a futile fight with it would rush home to Earth to warn the Avengers, the trauma and devastation knocked Sam into a coma for a brief period on his return home.

After awaking from his coma he would help fight to stop the Dark Phoenix from destroying Earth, this valiant effort would get him an offer to join the Avengers. Now that the hero community knew that a Nova was around once more, members of the New Warriors came to recruit Sam, as his predecessor had been a member of their team. Sam’s ego had grown due to his Avengers offer so he was ready to dismiss them until Uatu showed him how Richard Rider, the previous Nova, had been snubbed by the Avengers while the New Warriors were always welcoming to him. Sam decides to carry dual membership into both teams to have help wherever he can find it.

Sam’s search for his father would expand to search for any possible living Nova Corps members. His quest would have him unknowingly rescue the villainous Captain Skaarn who would cause the heroic alien Beta Ray Bill to believe Sam had gone rogue. The two would team when Sam learned what he’d done and head to the far-off Know here where Sam would also team up with Cosmo, the space dog and head of security of Knowhere. Sam was quickly making allies with many of the cosmic heroes and those who considered his predecessor their friend.

Having come to grips that all of the Nova Corps were dead and gone, Sam was shocked when the death of Uatu would give him a vision of his father seemingly betraying the Nova Corps and being a murderer. Setting out to find the truth he’d not only prove his father’s innocence but find that his father was trapped on the Chitauri home world as a gladiator for sport. When his father is finally rescued and brought back to Earth, it is revealed that this is actually a clone and his father is still unknown to be dead or alive. Sam would eventually leave the Avengers to help start a new Champions team with his fellow ex-Avengers, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man. He is also currently dealing with the return of Richard Ryder and the two are now working together.

There you have it! Sam Alexander is helping bring back the Nova Corps after a long absence and part of a new generation of young heroes. He’s showing up in cartoons and all over the comics pages, will he make the leap to the big or small screen? Only time will tell! See you next time!

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