January 19, 2017

New ‘Logan’ Trailer Has More X-23 But Where Are All The Mutants?

Logan gets it’s final trailer and it for many it’s the last time for Fox to get anything Wolverine related right. In large part  due to this being Hugh Jackman’s last snikt as the world’s favorite feral mutant!

The first trailer hinted at a much older Logan dealing with a weakened healing factor and even a very much older Professor X (who is finally getting his hair back?) with a young girl in their care. The rumors flew that this would be Laura aka X-23 and it all pays off right here!

Logan will be rated R and with the Reavers set to be the bad guys along with two clawed mutants fighting for their lives this seems like the perfect violent storm waiting to happen. Thanks Deadpool!

Logan hits theaters March 3rd and then we’ll finally know what happened to all of the mutants!

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One Comment

  1. klue

    HOLY $#!!! Maybe they’ll finally get it right this time and are those guys really Reavers?!

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