January 19, 2017

New ‘Power Rangers’ Trailer Delivers The Goods!

Get ready to return to Angel Grove as Lionsgate has released the newest trailer for the upcoming Power Rangers movie! It’s big, loud, and action packed giving us more Rangers and a better look at Bryan Cranston as Zordon and a better look at Alpha 5. The Zords also get some screentime along with a very hands on Rita played by Elizabeth Banks.

Goldar is less impressive but aside from that it’s actually a fun looking trailer and just might end up being a great popcorn flick!

There’s also a Power Rangers comic on the shelves from BOOM! that’s pretty damn good so if you don’t like the movie but want your Rangers fix there’s always that!

Power Rangers hits theaters March 24th.


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One Comment

  1. klue

    I don’t want to sound like “that guy” but it’s not to. Goldar looks like a bunch of melted yellow action figures

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