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December 8, 2016

Image Comics Reviews: Motor Crush #1

motorcrush_01-1Motor Crush #1
Publisher: Image
Writer(s): Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr
Artist: Babs Tarr
Colorist: Cameron Stewart
Cover: Babs Tarr

“But the truth, the straight-up, no-shit truth is…I actually kind of love it.”

That quote is pretty much how I felt after reading this issue and then recommending it to friends. It seems as if the last few months have seen a steady rise in some great comics and the debut issue of Motor Crush is right up there with those hot new titles! Unfortunately I’m one of those who missed out on the zero issue but the solicits looked pretty cool and after seeing that some comic stores purposely didn’t order this because of the Black female lead it was a no brainer to get this. Plus, who can resist this badass with a spiked cricket bat who looks like she’s about to deliver some serious damage?

Motor Crush’s main character is Domino Swift which has just got to rank in the top 5 of cool racer names! She’s an up and coming competitor in the World Grand Prix but at the same time she’s also making a name (anonymously of course) on the illegal underground racing circuit. The creative team uses both sides of her life to effectively place you in the world of Motor Crush with each highlighting specific areas. Her public life as a racer also introduces the supporting cast of her father and new crew member Lan. While the highly illegal sequences showcase some of the wildest gang members since those seen in The Warriors. This is also where we get to see more of Domino’s racing skills and the disastrous effects of the drug Crush.

The art from Tarr and Stewart pushes the narrative and just might have you going back and forth while you take in all of the action. The “interactive” captions give you more of an insight as to how this world works more effectively than having to read about it. There’s a slightly futuristic feel with flying life stream recorders that Dom has nicknamed “Cat Balls”. The character designs are bright and flashy while the location of Nova Honda looks like Hawaii, Miami, and Monaco all in one beautiful location. When the action kicks in you’ll get some high intensity and brutal panels that display Dom’s darker side and show that she’s a bit broken as well.

If you couldn’t find this at your LCS then you need to make sure you get it from somewhere because Motor Crush is a comic you don’t want to miss out on. The creative team definitely has something hot here and the cliffhanger itself is worth coming back for!

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  1. klue

    Soooo stores weren’t stocking this because there’s a Black woman on the cover? How stupid!! Racing books usually aren’t my thing but this sounds like it might be worth a look. Might wait for the trade on this one though.

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