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December 7, 2016

Indie Reviews: Start Again #1

startagainStart Again #1
Publisher: Jamie Me TM
Writer: Jamie Me
Artist: Toni Doya
Colorist: Sean Callahan
Cover: Toni Doya & Sean Callahan

When boy meets girl sometimes things go very right and then they can go like they do here in Start Again! Instead of falling head over heels over Natalie, Ajay actually falls completely out of her balcony window. Naked. This is bad enough but after he’s spotted and recorded things are quickly put together that he’s the local superhero. From here, writer Jamie Me turns Ajay’s life into a cornucopia of depression, despair, and pretty much all of the bad things you find behind the fridge after you move it.

This story goes in several unexpected directions and that’s a huge part of it’s charm. Jamie also tells the story from the point of view of Ajay’s friend, James. Another character that ends up being as almost as entertaining as our lead. Jamie takes the obsession with social media, voyeurism, superheroes, and the minefield of relationships to another level here to deliver a solid introduction to this world he’s created. He also throws in enough twists and mystery to make sure to bring you back for the next issue because there’s a deeper story happening here and we’re just getting started.

Toni Doya handles the visuals along with Sean Callahan on colors and Start Again is a very good looking issue. This is very much a character driven issue and Doya nails so many of the moments that propel this issue’s range of emotions. Though most of the story has a standard layout it’s the falling sequence and the social media panels that stand out because of the dynamic panel arrangements used.

Start Again is a fun issue but it also feels like something sinister is just lurking underneath and if the rest of the series is this good then it’ll be worth it to see what’s next!

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