November 29, 2016

X-Men ‘Gold’ & ‘Blue’ Rosters and Creative Teams Announced!

It was recently teased that Marvel would be taking the X-Men titles in some new directions after Inhumans after the fallout from the upcoming ResurrXion event. One of the most intriguing ones were the teasers for the X-Men Gold and Blue teams. Some may remember that these teams made their debut in the 90s after the main roster was split into two separate teams with one led by Storm and the other by Cyclops. Now we’ll see another round of roster changes as X-Men Gold and Blue are set to come back in 2017! And with that, Marvel has finally announced the rosters for each along with the creative teams attached to the new titles.

Bringing us the stories of X-Men: Blue will be Cullen Bunn and Jorge Molina. The team itself will be composed of the time displaced X-Men with new team leader, Jean Grey. She’ll be joined by Iceman, Cyclops, Beast, and Angel. The original X-Men from the 60s will also be mentored by the man who was trying to kill them all those years ago, Magneto.

In regards to Magneto essentially taking over Professor X’s role Bunn had this to say in an interview with IGN:

Why would these X-Men be working with him? What is he trying to accomplish now? Do they feel that he’s changed his ways? And that really is what I was excited about. It opened up a lot of really interesting questions for us. There’s some mystery involved in terms of why the X-Men are working with him and what they’re trying to accomplish. There’s a little bit of intrigue there because knowing Magneto, you know he’s got ulterior motives. He’s Magneto. The original five X-Men aren’t stupid. They know this. And maybe they have some ulterior motives of their own.”


I know there’s fans out there that are loving these kids being in this timeline however, I think they’ve overstayed their welcome but we’ll see if Bunn and Molina can make this a series worth staying around for.

For X-Men: Gold we’ll be getting stories from Marc Guggenheim and Ardian Syaf. This team will consist of Colossus, Storm, Old Man Logan, Nightcrawler, Rachel Grey who will going by the name ‘Prestige’ and new team leader…wait for it…Kitty Pryde!

Guggenheim had this to say about Kitty’s new role:

Kitty is the right person to bring the X-Men into the future, to herald in the next era of the X-Men. We are post the war with the Inhumans. The X-Men are sort of at a crossroads. They’re at a point where they are trying to decide, is there a future for the X-Men? And Kitty is very much of the mindset that there is a future for the X-Men and it’s a bright future. That there’s more work that the X-Men still have to do. Not just for mutants, but really for humanity


The Gold roster is a sort of nod back to when the X-Men were at their height of popularity and maybe we’ll start getting some worthwhile stories again. Kitty being team leader here still seems odd especially with Storm on the team. The woman who fought Cyclops without her powers for leadership and WON. The woman who fought Callisto for leadership of the Morlocks and won. The character who has also had the most experience leading the team now feels like she trained her replacement. But it’s worth a shot to see if the title is actually a good one but I’m going in with a huge side-eye right now.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new rosters and potential team dynamics!

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