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November 20, 2016

Character Spotlight: Teddy Altman

He’s got genes from beyond the stars. Can shapeshift into a myriad of shapes to protect himself and others. He looked like the Hulk for a bit but now has kind of his own thing going on, but not his own Thing going on. He’s Teddy Altman! How did he become an Avenger and even come to be? Let’s find out!

Theodore “Teddy” Rufus Altman may look human but his parents are Kree and Skrull. His father is the first Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell, a Kree alien and his mother, Princess Anelle of the Super Skrull. Their love forbidden and their son a secret, his mother would send him to Earth to live with his father and the nursemaid she sent with him. Sadly, when they arrived on Earth, the nursemaid would learn Mar-Vell was dead and took it on herself to raise the boy as her own as humans.

Knowing he possessed strange shapeshifting powers, Teddy would try to use them to fit in at school. Eventually he’d get recruited into the Young Avengers. Soon, Teddy was having adventures and finding love with fellow teammate, Billy Kaplan. Then Teddy would learn of his real parentage when the Skrull invasion happened. The woman he thought was his mother was killed in front of him for “betraying the Skrull empire” and forced to fight against his own people as he learned he was their rightful ruler. To get them to leave he had a fellow Super Skrull impersonate him so he could stay on Earth.


Teddy would fight against superhero registration during the Civil War and his shapeshifting abilities proved vital in Captain America’s plans and saving many lives. Due to time travel shenanigans, Mar-Vell would appear alive in the present and Teddy would get to meet his father and explain his existence which was all new to Mar-Vell. The two had a heartfelt talk and Mar-Vell told Teddy he was proud of him and hoped to see him again, this second meeting has yet to happen.


The Skrull would return to invade but this time it was part of a long term plan of infiltrating Earth’s societal infrastructures. He’d be saved by an ally in the Runaways, a team of children of villains trying to just live their own lives, who was also a Skrull. When Billy was seeking to find Scarlet Witch and find the truth of his parentage, Teddy was right by his side. This entire adventure would lead to the death of several teammates. Teddy and Billy would retire from heroics for and time and d the two would go live with Billy’s family.


Soon Teddy and Billy were thrown back into the superhero game when Billy accidentally summoned an extra dimensional being when he tried to wish for Teddy’s mom, the nursemaid who masquerades as a human, to return to life. Now, along with a new team of Young Avengers they would travel dimensions and unite teen heroes from all over Earth to fight this creature.


When the Young Avengers team dispersed, Billy and Teddy would join the New Avengers and work with them until things got questionable and we’re kicked out briefly to save them. Eventually reuniting, Teddy would become engaged to Billy and d meet a dangerous future where Billy is corrupted by a possession but thanks to Teddy, current day Billy is able to fight it off instead. Teddy is also granted a cosmic sword as his rightful ownership as king of Skrulls and a Skrull/Kree hybrid.


There you have it! Teddy and Billy have one of the best relationships in comics and I hope the two of them get to appear at some point in the MCU, big or small screen. Teddy is a gentle giant and caring to his friends and loved ones. His powers would and so be really fun to see in live-action. See you next time!

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