November 4, 2016

Top Cow Reviews: Eden’s Fall #3

edens-fall-cover-3Eden’s Fall #3
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer(s): Matt Hawkins & Bryan Edward Hill
Artist: Atilio Rojo
Colorist: Atilio Rojo
Cover: Rahsan Ekedal

I’m still messed up from the death that happened last issue which was a complete kick in the gut. And though it was a shame that it had to happen it felt good to actually be surprised in comics again. So you might think that Hawkins and Hill might deliver something of a somber issue as a follow-up but nope. It’s time for payback and hard decisions in the latest issue of Eden’s Fall.

The main focus here is  Dwayne and how he’s dealing with the death of his friend and partner. He’s having to lie about the circumstances surrounding the death to his friend’s parents and it’s tearing him up. He’s also feeling helpless because Eden itself is one of the best kept secrets next to your grandmother’s special apple pie recipe and the man responsible for the murder is hiding out there. With all of these things eating at him, Hill and Hawkins show a natural shift in Dwayne’s character as he seeks out to balance the scales of justice. This is not the same man we met in The Tithe and I’m not sure we’ll see that same man again for a while. Along with this great character shift in Dwyane, we also are treated to several well scripted action sequences and some of the sharpest dialogue in comics from Hill and Hawkins. As we see during a scene with CIA badass, Mirra and Dwayne. I’d actually like to see more of this version of Mirra over in Think Tank because she’s such a great character when in her element. And maybe I just want to see more badass women of color in comics especially when written as well as she has been.

Atilio Rojo continues to make Eden’s Fall one visually impressive story from start to finish. The character detail is amazing and helps to intensify the narrative especially when the action kicks in. The first appearance of the mystery assassin is a solid introduction and preview of her skillset. It’s the second confrontation and fight choreography that shows how lethal she is and her all business approach to her work. Rojo also does very well during the more emotional moments in the story matching the visual shift in Dwayne with the emotional change that was taking place here.

Eden’s Fall might have more of an impact on The Tithe when it’s all said and done but this was nothing short of a fantastic crossover. Hill, Hawkins, and Rojo tell an intense story that keeps everything you enjoy about these respective titles while adding something new to this shared world of these characters. So there’s no reason to continuously be disappointed with crossovers from the Big Two when you could be reading Eden’s Fall.

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