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October 19, 2016

Image Reviews: Horizon #4

horizon04_coverHorizon #4
Publisher: Image
Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artist: Juan Gedeon
Colorist: Frank Martin
Cover: Jason Howard

Where the previous issue featured a rather nail-biting rescue mission, the creative team decides to turn the dial to 11 and slam its readers with an intense getaway car chase scene as Zhia and Davix do their best to shake determined pursuers all the while ensuring that Madame Coza can keep her focus to extract the three remaining spider-like explosive devices crawling around inside Finn’s torso.

Issue 4 picks up right where we left off without missing a beat. Gedeon and Martin deliver some truly high impact panels and I for one must commend Gedeon for drawing just the right amount of detail that adds the perfect touch of realism to this sci-fi epic.  The vehicles involved in the chase are easily recognizable against their real world counterparts, which ads a tangibility and weight to the breakneck pace of the first half of the book. Yes, I said that correctly… the first HALF. Which means, boys and girls, you will need to take a deep breath before cracking open the cover because you won’t be able to exhale until you come close to those binding staples.

Once you are able to catch your breath, Gedeon and Martin tighten things up a little with some less kenetic and more traditional panels so that Brandon Thomas can do some of the heavy lifting when Zhia and the gang do a little bit of undercover recon work. This scene solidifies some personality traits for our main characters. Zhia is strategic and patient, while Davix is a slight more impulsive and seems to prefer the direct approach. The recon scene also serves to show us how well the team functions with this dynamic. There’s a mutual respect and camaraderie that emits from those few pages, again, solidifying what we’ve come to know of these characters.  They are a unit, a team, a family.

That point is then brought home in a tender moment when a scared Finn awakes and is reunited with the trio from Planet Valius that we’ve become acquainted with. Juan Gedeon executed some great panels here and the emotion is touching and peaceful. From there, the story picks back up to set the reader up for the next issue. The creative team has the overall pacing down pat and I guarantee it will leave you anticipating what’s to come as has been the case with every issue thus far.

Horizon continues to be an extremely solid read. Sci-Fi junkies definitely shouldn’t pass this title up, but neither should anyone looking for character driven drama where the aliens feel more real and relatable than the humans.





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