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December 24, 2016

Image Reviews: Horizon #6

Horizon #6
Publisher: Image
Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artist: Juan Gedeon
Colorist: Frank Martin
Cover: James Howard

While dropping hints about this issue on social media, Brandon Thomas completely undersold this fight and just how dope it was going to be. I’d be upset if it wasn’t so good and delivered on several levels but before we dive into the beat downs and fisticuffs let’s tackle the story itself. Because not only are we witnessing the physical prowess of characters that would make Donnie Yen proud, Thomas throws several curves into the team dynamic that might leave you worried about what’s to come. Especially since in the beginning of Horizon it seemed as if we had a clear image of where these characters stood. But with the Alderman’s statements during his interrogation last issue and now with discord among the Valians, Thomas has thrown us completely into that grey area of unexpectedness. And in that space he’s opened up new levels to warp to while expanding the depth of the characters in one smooth motion. I’ll also add that he’s raised Lincoln’s level of badass

Now let’s discuss the lengthy action sequence that takes place and how great it balances moving the plot while being just jaw dropping at the same time. Gedeon has been on point with these fights and this one here is the most brutal and fantastic we’ve seen so far. Whether it’s the weapon based attacks or the hand to hand combat scenes he makes sure to leave you very little time to catch your breath. And in those small gaps he’s building towards another moment making sure not to waste any panels. He then hits you hard with the final moments of the fight which have a fluid rhythm and explosive payoff to end it all. It’s refreshing that he’d rather show you in the art what many of the sci-fi applications are concerning the Valian’s tech along with Lincoln’s skills. This gives Thomas the time to just focus on some slick and cool dialogue to just heighten the action in the panels. Plus, if a guy is going to take the time to remove his jacket before going toe to toe with two aliens you might want to respect his skills. But why am I thinking that the most deadly in the group of Valians might be Madam Coza?

This first arc has been nothing but an excellent introduction to these characters and their world. From the various themes integral to the story along with the characters themselves it’s evident that this story is much bigger than expected and will pay off in the most unexpected of places. There is no doubt that Horizon needs to be on your pull list so you’re guaranteed every issue. It’s yet another series that is delivering what we’ve been asking for not only in its pages but in regards to the creative team themselves.

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  1. Delmar1

    Sounds cool. Is there a trade?

    • There is one coming out soon.

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