October 8, 2016

‘Iron Fist’ Trailer Debuts At NYCC 2016!

After the debates regarding casting, the jokes about Danny’s appearance, the time has finally come to see what Marvel will be giving us in their latest Netflix venture. First shown to those in attendance during the Iron Fist panel at NYCC the trailer is admittingly one hell of a teaser. Showing off some of the characters we’ll see, an impressive look at how the Iron Fist power will look, and a glimpse at a hallway fight scene which seems to have become a staple in these shows.

Iron Fist is the fourth Marvel character to get a Netflix live action series and all will lead into the highly anticipated Defenders series! So get ready for the Iron Fist debut on March 17, 2017  so let us know what you thought of the trailer in the comments below.



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