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September 22, 2016

Image Reviews: Horizon #3

horizon_03-1Horizon #3
Publisher: Image
Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artist: Juan Gedeon
Colorist: Frank Martin
Cover: Jason Howard

We’re only on issue three but I’ll go ahead and say it’s the best one so far. Not only does Thomas drop you into more action and suspense here but there continues to be some great  character development along the way. Each issue has introduced a new character that takes the series to a new level and this one is no different. Enter Lincoln, a new villain who has got to be one of the coolest blerds in comics. He’s methodical, moves like Jim Kelly, and throws out Wu-Tang references because Wu-Tang is for the children.

Along with the introduction of this new villain, Thomas also uses this time to flesh out the captive alien, Finn. He opens up his past to us which also adds another layer to the rescue mission that’s currently underway here as well. It’s one of the best action sequences to come out this week as we get to see more of the tech used by the aliens. But it’s not just the cool tech but how Thomas has it implemented in ways that will still excite and entertain even those seasoned sci-fi fans that have “seen it all”. It’s also revealed that even the level of commitment to this mission is not only a deep one but the connection the characters have with each other makes them seem more like a family than a black ops strike team. Mostly because of the dialogue and the genuine voice given to each character along with Thomas knowing when to just let the artists do their thing and rely on the visuals to move the story. Thomas also utilizes a non linear approach that has a seamless flow and doesn’t interfere with the pacing as we go from past to present.

Since the art driven first issue, Gedeon and Martin have given nothing but visual storytelling greatness as they move your eye. The panel where we first see Lincoln just gives you so much about the character from his body language and facial expression. Then as we transition to his fight scene Gedeon moves it at a nice pace and delivers the power needed to sell it from start to finish. Not only is the art in here on point but these minimalist style covers from Jason Howard have been amazing so far!

There aren’t too many titles that I’m impatiently waiting on from month to month but the ones that are worth it seem to be coming from Image Comics. Horizon is now one of those titles and you should see for yourself if it’s a sci-fi story you should get into.

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