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September 11, 2016

BOOM! Studios Reviews: Skybourne #1

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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Skybourne_001_A_MainSkyborne #1
Publisher: BOOM!
Writer: Frank Cho
Artist: Frank Cho
Colorist: Marco Meneyz
Cover: Frank Cho

BOOM!’s new series hits the ground running as Frank Cho wastes no time putting us into the action. Which is something this issue isn’t lacking as we’re introduced to Grace Skybourne who isn’t someone you take lightly. Having been sent to retrieve the  legendary Excalibur, things quickly get bloody and violent on her quest for the coveted sword.

Cho’s ability to show and not tell is one of the strengths of the narrative here. There’s more to Grace than we realize and he builds towards it in her dialogue but of course the payoff is in what we see. It’s in dialogue where some of the issue’s weaknesses show especially when it tries to be funny early on. These weren’t horrible moments just less entertaining as the rest of the interactions. When things are moving faster and taking on a more serious tone the dialogue is sharper and more interesting. As the final confrontation towards the end plays out the humor delivery does flow a little better.

The artwork here was expected to be top notch because of Cho’s consistent track record over the years. His action scenes go over very well and convey the energy and power needed when things get physical. The fights are kinetic and keep your eye engaged as he builds towards the big moments. Making those scenes where Grace punches through or eviscerates her opponents truly more enjoyable in every panel. The battle, with who I’m assuming is Merlin, delivers a better cliffhanger through the visuals and raises quite a few more questions that should be answered later in the series. Meneyz’s colors are great throughout but really takes things to another level during that finale. Maybe it was because this sequence involved a bit of magic and just gave us something new to look at here. Whatever it was, I’m just glad it happened.

Overall, Skybourne’s first issue delivers all of the action you’d expect in a summer blockbuster movie. So depending on your tastes this may or may not excite you. Hopefully, as we get deeper into the story the dialogue begins to improve but otherwise this is a solid entry and worth checking out.

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