September 8, 2016

Image Reviews: Glitterbomb #1

glitterbomb-announcement2Glitterbomb #1
Publisher: Image
Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Djibril Morissette-Phan
Colorist: K. Michael Russell
Cover: Djibril-Morissette Phan

I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into with Glitterbomb. However, Zub is one of those writers that has impressed me enough over the years that it was a safe bet that his latest would be worth a shot. And let’s face it, Image has been knocking it out the park lately with some of the best titles to hit the scene.

It doesn’t take long for Zub to pull you in with an unexpected moment that is part shock value and part poetic justice and just might entice an audible “Hell yeah!” from some readers. Soon after that we get a calmer introduction to Farrah who is one of many actresses attempting to make it. Though, like most women in her position, she’s at the whim of mediocre men in power and Hollywood has no shortage of that. Zub does some fine work establishing Farrah and the overall feel of this issue. Aside from our main character and her child everyone else here is pretty unlikable. And just when you get a small sense of normalcy, Zub turns the story on its sci-fi thriller ear which opens up so many questions regarding Farrah’s position as either protagonist, antagonist, or something a bit more complicated that fits between the cracks.

Morissette-Pham’s artwork nails everything right about this story so far. From Farrah’s character design to the violent creature moments this is a solid looking issue. The expressions are what really help due to much of the story being normal day to day interactions. The conversation during the cattle call is probably my favorite moment that didn’t involve some sci-fi weirdness going on. Purely because Morissette-Pham hits those small facial nuances that enhance Zub’s narrative and move things along. Add the great art to Russell’s colors and your eyes should be pleased with the end result.

Glitterbomb’s debut is an exciting one that should be checked out by any sci-fi horror fan out there. There’s a monster in here and it’s going to be interesting as we discover more and see how high Zub stacks the body count!


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  1. Kristin

    Ah, you beat me to it! I LOVED Glitterbomb. Farrah is my hero. I mean, isn’t it every woman’s dream to eviscerate gross men? The added essay in the back, by Holly Hughes, is a good read, as well. About the misogyny in the Hollywood industry, that killed her love for it and drove her out.
    Recommended for any feminist fan of horror 🙂

    • Just finished the essay. Wow.

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