September 1, 2016

Top Cow Reviews: Eden’s Fall #1

EdensFall-01_cvrBEden’s Fall #1
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer(s): Bryan Edward Hill & Matt Hawkins
Artist: Atilio Rojo
Colorist: Atilio Rojo
Cover: Linda Sejic

Think Tank, Postal, and The Tithe each have been impressing fans for some time now. So lucky for us, Matt Hawkins and Bryan Edward Hill decided to bring all three together for something new and darker than expected.

If you’re a reader of all three titles then expectations are probably high due to the consistent quality storytelling both of these writers have been providing. If you’re newer then you’re probably looking to be impressed along with a reason to come back and stick with the series. Hawkins and Hill make sure they provide for both categories as you’re eased into the story and introduced to the ensemble cast. To make this easier, the team provides the necessary information for this crossover and solidifies everyone’s role so far. We see that a dangerous character from The Tithe has been given sanctuary in Eden. So it’s up to the good guys to infiltrate and bring him to justice. However, one just doesn’t stroll into Eden and disturb what Laura holds together in this town. Sure this might sound familiar but the writers have several other moving parts that you’re still pulled into what’s going on. They also remind you things can go bad real fast and that Laura shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ever.

Rojo’s art took some getting used to because I’ve only seen these characters drawn by their respective artists. However, the necessary emotion and drama is all there to help bring the narrative to life in every panel. There are several dynamic scenes that really stand out due to great art, angles, and body language. I’ll also add that baseball bats must be the weapon of choice in Eden and that sequence is brutal.

Eden’s Fall is what happens when Top Cow brings together three of their groundbreaking titles to blow you away! Hawkins and Hill lay the groundwork for an intense criminal drama that already has several layers and issue two can’t come soon enough.

[Update: K. Michael Russell is credited for the regular cover colors and interior colors but Atilio Rojo is responsible for the interiors.]

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