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August 27, 2016

Gotta Have It!: The Ninja, The Spider, The Thunder Goddess From Kotobukiya!

Once again it’s time to look at some of the hottest items guaranteed to fill up your already crowded shelf space! From highly detailed action figures to limited edition statues, prepare to make some room because you Gotta Have It!

First up is the ninja everybody loves, IBUKI! One of Capcom’s celebrated characters from the Street Fighter series will be available in her kunoichI glory. She’s another addition to Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statues that have spotlighted other female members in the past.

This statue sports her classic look which debuted in Street Fighter III where we first saw her skills. The sculpt looks just as great as the past Bishoujo statues from Kotobukiya as Ibuki balances on one foot with ease. Wielding her kunai and a deceptive grin that hides some ass kicking ninjutsu skills. She also comes with an extra head accessory you can switch if you’d rather a more intimidating masked Ibuki protecting your shelf space.


Ibuki is slightly over 9 ½ inches and also comes with a clear display base. This Street Fighter Ibuki Bishoujo Statue will be available March 2017 and was sculpted by Hogarii. She is also now available for pre-order. So you might want to jump on that to add to your collection!

Kotobukiya is no stranger to bringing Marvel charachters to shelves across the globe but this is the first time they’re bringing Miles Morales aka Ultimate Spider-Man to the masses! He’s part of their ARTFX+ series which will be spotlighting various wall crawlers in the coming months. The classic Peter Parker Spider-Man will also be available and looks just as cool. In a pose that captures his essence he’s ready to web sling in those famous red and blue tights!


Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man ARTFX+ Statue is currently available for pre-order and is scheduled for release March 2017. The Amazing Spider-Man ARTFX+ Statue version can be pre-ordered as well and will be available December 2016.

Another first is coming our way as the Mjolnir wielding goddess of thunder makes her Kotobukiya Bishoujo debut! Easily one of the most impressive looking due to the large amount of detail in her appearance from helm to metallic wing tipped boots. She also has two different looks as you can display her with or without her helmet which hides her identity as Jane Foster. Shhhh! Don’t tell her I told you!

thorfemale-3thorfemale-4Thor female's-1

Thor stands almost 12 inches tall and looks ready to bring the lightning to anyone who threatens Midgard! Thor can be pre-ordered and will be available January 2017!

So there you have it Comic Attackers, more shelf goodness is coming so get ready to make some room!

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