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August 18, 2016

Image Reviews: Horizon #2

Horizon-2-CoverHorizon #2
Publisher: Image
Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artist: Juan Gedeon
Colorist: Frank Martin
Cover: Jason Howard

With Zhia’s mission underway we’re introduced to the rest of her team that landed prior to her arrival. However, one has been captured and getting him back is going to pose a larger problem for the small invasion force than anticipated.

Thomas speeds things up in this issue with more action and tense character moments throughout. From our first meeting with Davix that is played out classically with her being surrounded by bandits who underestimate her skills. The scene is executed well as Thomas reveals more of her character during the confrontation. He also allows a peek into the team dynamic which shows that there’s also a familial bond between them as well. Their interactions during the mission are a huge part of why this issue works so well. Sure there’s several great action sequences but Thomas shows that he can maintain some solid characterization that is just as strong. Now there is a particular scene that was slightly confusing as Zhia is attempting to recall what happened to her teammate. It’s a pretty tense monent but since we haven’t been fully immersed in Valius protocol it’s slightly off putting. Hopefully this ability is explained along with why it’s so dangerous.

We know that in this series that humans are the aggressors but Thomas puts a face to the evil. Although brief, what is revealed is the methodical savagery of those in charge and that the complete domination of the planet Valius is their goal. The taunting and attempted psychological breakdown of the captive is a very well written sequence that gives this brief moment plenty of weight.

Once again we’re treated to Gedeon’s stellar artwork which has been a terrific extension of Thomas’ narrative. He gives you a sense of the character without Thomas having to explain it in dialogue. Whether it’s Davix’s drive and passion or Marisol’s expertise in electronics you’re getting some well rounded characters. His sharp and aggressive style fits this world and also helps to give it a personality all its own. Backed by Martin’s colors this is just another good looking issue very much like the first.

Horizon has several moving parts but Thomas keeps things from becoming confusing. You get just the essentials which helps to keep the momentum going in this intense story. So If the first issue pulled you in then make sure you’re ready for the action here then go ahead and add Horizon to your pull list!

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