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August 3, 2016

451 Media Reviews: ExMortis #7

EXMORTIS7ExMortis #7
Publisher: 451 Media
Writer(s): Pete Williams, Paul Williams, Andi Ewington
Artist(s): Raymund Bermudez & Ty Dazo
Cover: Ben Oliver

The end is here and The Dreadnoughts are going all in to stop Hitler’s undead army from gaining a foothold and winning the day. But while stopping the Axis powers is a primary goal, Vlad has never been closer to retrieving the coveted diary of Dr. Frankenstein and he’s not letting a little thing like bullets, blowtorches, and body parts get in the way!

Ewington gives us non stop balls to the walls action and it shouldn’t be any other way! These classic monsters are tossed into a battle that is pure chaos and carnage as we get to see them do what they do best. Not only is the action intense but there’s that moment between best friends Jack (The Wolfman) and Junior (Frankenstein’s monster) that adds a little levity to the otherwise dire situation. Everyone else plays their role very well as Ewington maintains a hectic pace throughought. Vlad’s quest for the diary also helps to break up the battle scenes and gives him a different motivation than the rest of the team. When he finally does get close to his goal the confrontation between him and Mengele didn’t meet expectations it does set up something bigger in the end.

Bermudez and Dazo keep up with and intensify the story with some bold and exciting artwork. The action is violent and filled with plenty of large moments. Leroux’s entrance is one of those scenes and I didn’t know one person could carry so many explosives! Also, that panel with Hans emerging from the water as he’s about to exact some revenge is just amazing!The story is visually told in black and white which has helped set a vintage tone with these classic monsters. Unfortunately with blood splatter surrounding the panels it becomes more of a distraction at times and blends in with the action inside of the panels obscuring some of it. This is the only thing visually that has been problematic for me throughout the series because it helps and hurts the otherwise great artwork.

ExMortis has a great cast of characters based on some of the most famous monsters in history killing undead Nazis! How can you not just want to kick back and dive into this? But if you’re starting with ExMortis #7 it will be like walking in on a movie during the last fifteen minutes then kicking yourself for not having seen the whole thing. So make sure you go back and get the previous issues because the series is worth it for the story and the fact you’re getting over thirty pages for a great price!

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