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July 23, 2016

New ‘Justice League’ Trailer Debuts at SDCC!

If you were in attendance today at San Diego Comic Con then you wanted to be at the famed Hall H for all of the Justice League excitement!

We not only got our first look at the team in a new image but FINALLY a full length trailer to get fans ready for the live action Justice League film!

Now it is a bit strange seeing Bruce Wayne do his best Nick Fury impression as he’s putting the team together. But he looks to have a lighter side that we didn’t get in Batman v Superman as he actually cracks a joke. It’s also looking like Ezra Miller might steal the show as  Barry Allen/Flash which will be great to see since that character is the heart of the team.

Zack Snyder might actually win some fans over and silence the negative ones if he can pull this one off. He’s got a huge task ahead being that Justice League boasts some of THE most iconic comic characters that have made an impact on fans for over 75 years!

Like it or not, let us know what you think in the comments below!


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