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July 21, 2016

Marvel Reviews: A-Force #7

AFORCE7A-Force #7
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Ben Caldwell
Colorist: Ian Herring
Cover: Ben Caldwell

Kelly Thompson continues to point A-Force in the best direction possible after becoming the sole writer on the title. Her characters also feel like an actual team and not just random people tossed into the mix. This is done exceptionally well because Thompson’s team chemistry is some of the best right now. She’s good at making the smaller character interactions feel big which deliver some very entertaining moments. Much like the scene on the bridge where A-Force is recovering from a near fatal drowning. The dialogue is terrific as Thompson allows the characters to feel more human than just stock representations with stiff banter. She also doesn’t mind throwing in an innocent phrase that can turn into a dirty joke real quick because we all have those moments.

The final battle with Countess doesn’t disappoint either and not one step is lost to deliver big moments along the way. The back and forth between Medusa and She Hulk is quite possibly some of the best moments in comics as you’re dealing with two Alpha types naturally adept at taking charge. You could also put Captain Marvel in that category but she’s also a good soldier and has no problem following orders. Which is why it’s good to see her role in this series a bit on the support end seeing as she already leads The Ultimates. The rest of the team plays their roles quite well though sometimes a little too predictable. This would probably be a larger problem if not for Thompson focusing on great characterization and putting some heart in the story. The confession from Dazzler Thor to the team was a great sequence made even better by Medusa’s reaction thanks to Ben Caldwell.

Speaking of Caldwell, he nails every beat necessary to give Thompson’s story the kick it needs visually to help tell the story. Whereas Thompson gives you their voice, he rounds it out with solid character expressions and movement. Captain Marvel and She Hulk tossing Countess was a powerful and funny moment that looks great. The page where Countess first changes to her dragon form is a highlight just because Caldwell uses that form to help break up the panels and it brings a different energy to the page. The colors by Ian Herring are stellar throughout the issue though it’s one small panel that really stands out as he intensifies Dazzler Thor’s powers at the beginning of the battle.

A-Force has what many team books are missing lately and it’s good to see that we’re getting that heart and chemistry back again. The character interactions are organic and the superhero moments are big and flashy as they should be! Aside from a few predictable moments this remains one of the top comics out right now. So if you have yet to give A-Force a try then you should do so because the creative team is delivering quality work!

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