July 19, 2016

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 07/13/16

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Written by: Arnab
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tec 936Batman: Detective Comics #936
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artists: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, and Brad Anderson
Cover Artist: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, and Brad Anderson
Publisher: DC

When the team for this book was announced, it simultaneously felt like a natural fit and a hot mess. Tim, Cassie, and Stephanie are an obvious choice, and honestly, a fantastic choice. In just three issues James Tynion IV has done a better job with Tim’s characterization and depiction than any other writer has since Flashpoint and it’s always fantastic to have Cassie and Stephanie in the same book. Clayface was always a wildcard, but if this issue has proven anything, it’s that he can be remarkably useful. Batwoman was the strangest choice out of everyone because of just how much of a recluse she’s always been. However, this issue goes a long way to prove why she’s right for the series. She may not be a born leader, but she’s been trained to be one and unlike some leaders, she’s more than willing to ask for help. It may have been rough going, but this team is ready to take on Batwoman’s father and his army of Batmen. 5/5

nightwing rebirth 1Nightwing Rebirth #1
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artists: Yanick Paquette and Nathan Fairbairn
Cover Artist: Javier Fernandez
Publisher: DC

It’s been a difficult couple of years for Dick Grayson, but as history has shown us, if you knock him down, he’ll get right up again. As his stint as Agent 37 comes to an end, this issue takes the time to tie up any loose ends he may have had. Tim Seeley and Tom King did such a great job building up Huntress, Midnighter, and the Tiger, so hopefully they’ll make an appearance in the new Nightwing series, considering Seeley will be writing that one. Not only did this issue settle a few things, but it also set up the story going forwards, with Dick taking on the Parliament of Owls, essentially the International Court of Owls. We know Seeley can write a great Grayson story, so it will be exciting to see what he can do with our hero in black and blue. 4.5/5

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