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July 24, 2016

Character Spotlight: Comet the Superhorse

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Written by: Dr. Bustos

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. More powerful than a locomotive. Faster than a speeding bullet. Able to communicate telepathically. Wait. Formerly a centaur. Hold on. It’s Comet the Superhorse! One of the weirder characters in comics. This one is gonna get weird. How weird? Let’s find out!


In the time of heroes in ancient Greece, a centaur named Biron would save Circe from being poisoned by an evil sorcerer. Grateful for Biron, Circe grants him a potion to make him fully human as he wishes to be. Sadly, the sorcerer had messed with the potion and instead, Biron transform fully into a horse. Unable to return him to his true form, Circe grants him super powers and immortality. The sorcerer was not through with Biron just yet, he would have him trapped on an asteroid in outer space.

Stuck on the asteroid for millenia, that is, until Supergirl’s rescue rocket from Krypton would knock into it and cause it to crash back on Earth and free him. He would explain to Kara Zor-El his situation through his telepathy and become her steed. Their adventures would have it so that Biron would get part of his wish fulfilled through magic that would allow him to turn human when a comet flew in the solar system he was currently residing in.


Finally able to be human when “the stars were right” so to speak, Biron would take on the name of Bill Starr, a rodeo rider nicknamed Bronco. Oh, and he’d start to date Supergirl and eventually Lois Lane. He didn’t really reveal the whole horse/centaur part of himself and just kept that on the down low. Biron was a shady dude.


Andrea Martinez

Andrew Jones was just your regular jockey until he was trampled to death by a horse. The secret orapganization The Stable would transform his corpse into a horse-human hybrid that looked like a centaur they’d name Comet, because, that’s why. Acting as a controlled superhero, he would rescue stand-up comic Andrea Martinez from an avalanche. This event would cause the two to merge with Andrea gaining control of Comet and able to transform between her human female form and the male centaur form of Comet. Harboring a crush on her friend, Supergirl, the two would fight crime together with Andrea not revealing she was Comet.

Eventually Supergirl would learn Comet was Andrea and turn her down. This would lead to Blithe who was an Earth-born angel using Andrea’s heartache to try and further her demonic master’s plans. Teaming with Blithe and her master Carnivore, Comet would Gian wings and was ready to fight Supergirl until learning her mother had died and left her a note of apology about how she treated her daughter for coming out as bisexual. Andrea’s anger was gone causing the demon Carnivore to attack Blithe. Teaming up with Blithe and Supergirl, the three would take down Carnivore once and for all. Blithe and Andrea would begin dating one another.

There you have it folks! Comet the Superhorse is such a weird part of comics and got even weirder outside of the Silver Age of Comics. Can you believe that? Super horses weren’t a weird enough concept on their own, I guess. Well, see you next time!

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