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July 16, 2016

Grand Admiral Thrawn Debuts In ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Season Three Trailer!

The second season of Star Wars: Rebels ended on such and exciting cliffhanger it left many wondering what could be done to top it. With the Kanan being blinded by Maul, Ezra becoming more reckless, and the heart wrenching battle between Ahsoka and Vader most were left with mouths wide open and tears in their eyes.

Well, get ready because the trailer for the upcoming season shows off plenty of action with Ezra, Kanan, and the crew of the Ghost! However, we finally get to see one of the most anticipated villains make his debut on the screen after blowing our minds in the Timothy Zahn novels. So get ready for the entrance of Grand Admiral Thrawn!

Let us know what you thought of the trailer in the comments below!

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