July 6, 2016

Top Cow Reviews: Switch #4

Switch_04-1Switch #4
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Stjepan Sejic
Artist: Stjepan Sejic
Cover: Stjepan Sejic

When Witchblade wrapped up it seemed like the end of an era for a series with such a rich history and mythos. Who would have guessed that Stjepan Sejic would pick up the ball and run with it in a totally different yet familiar direction. From Switch’s beginning there’s enough to welcome any new reader while giving those longtime fans something new to get excited about. This issue is no different and we’re reintroduced to a Top Cow character that hasn’t been seen for some time!

Sejic treats us to a bit of Mary’s past and we see where her fascination with UFOs and aliens began. It’s also refreshing to see that Sejic writes some pretty interesting teenagers here that come off as actual kids instead of the one dimensional brooding mini adults that many writers confine them in. Speaking of brooding, we finally get the meeting between Mary and the future Darkness wielder, Tony Estacado. This has been built up a bit since Mary stated they used to be friends so it’s a harsh twist of fate that these two are probably destined to fight each other one day. Despite what might happen later down the line, it’s explained to Mary by Tony’s Guardian why things changed with her former friend. Sejic delivers a strong and emotional moment between these three characters that hopefully leads to them actually being on the same side at some point it that’s possible.

Now, just when things are already going well in this issue, in comes Aaron Chang. It’s been a long time since he’s been around so if you’ve never heard of him it’s alright. For others who are familiar with Ron Marz’s Dragon Prince series then you’re in for a treat! This was a great addition to the cast and brings in another level of crazy mystical elements to this story which means we get to see Sejic draw some crazy beasts! Again, Sejic provides some great character moments between these two that makes you want to see more of them in action. He also introduces another legacy Witchblade bearer with one of the more jovial descriptions.

As far as the artwork is concerned you’re still getting visually stunning panels that impress and carry the story. One thing that really puts this over are his character expressions which hit the fine point of not being over the top but just big enough to keep the tone intended. The emotion that is pulled from the trio during their private talk hits the necessary beats that build that entire sequence from panel to panel. I’m also half inclined to think that Sejic really likes drawing dragons which is why we get Aaron Chang in this story and a huge fight with an evil shape shifter that turns into and even bigger dragon!

If you like your comics on the supernatural side with a strong story and eye popping artwork then Switch needs to be on your list!

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