June 17, 2016

IDW Reviews: Tales From The Darkside #1

686665_tales-from-the-darkside-1Tales From The Darkside #1
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Joe Hill & Michael Benedetto
Artist: Gabriel Rodriguez
Colorist: Ryan Hill
Cover: Gabriel Rodriguez & Ryan Hill

There’s nothing like seeing most of the creative team of one of your favorite titles back again. Not only that but also on a comic adaptation of one of the best horror anthology television shows in history. Though originally planned for a return to the small screen it was unfortunately denied but a determined Joe Hill was going to get these stories out! Now lucky comic fans not only get a suspenseful tale from Hill but we get to see more of Gabriel Rodriguez’s artwork as well.

This particular tale focuses on Ziggy and his more than carefree lifestyle while on Summer vacation. He partys like a rock star at night and is a Lifeguard during the day. However, you can already guess that his ability to be effective at his job is somewhat hindered due to his nocturnal activities and this is where things go bad. A life is lost and while Ziggy is cleared of all charges, The Darkside soon comes to balance the scales. This is when things get really problematic for our boy, Ziggy.

Michael Benedetto adapts Hill’s story to work quite well within the confines of comic storytelling. The pacing just keeps pulling you further into the story and hits all of the beats needed to move things along without too many hiccups. There were a couple of scenes that could have benefitted from more exposition especially when we get a certain admission later in the story. It just felt jarring and out of place when it came. Some familiar elements do appear but there are several twists and solid character moments that still keep the story feeling new and fresh. One such moment is the introduction of a certain character that just might pop up again later in the series.

Gabrielle Rodriguez is just as phenomenal an artist in this issue as he was in Onyx, Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland, and the critically acclaimed Locke & Key series! Yes, this book looks just that good. His visual storytelling gives so many moments more of an emotional impact which strengthens the narrative. Most of this is due to his attention to detail along with being able to translate subtle moments through body language alone. He even makes the mask a little creepier once the story gets moving along. Hill’s colors are great throughout but they really pop during the Darkside Event and gives the entire sequence a massive tonal shift.

Tales From The Darkside is a title to pick up when you see it because it’s the complete package. Now we just have to wait to see what this creative team brings us next!

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