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June 13, 2016

Archaia Previews: The Joyners #1

When R. J. Ryan and David Marquez gave the comic world The Joyners in 3D not only did the concept blow us away but the story did as well! So much that it ended up being “Pick of the Week” on Tales From The Water Cooler where the guys sat down and talked with the creative team.

Now we there’s a new look for the story and we get to enjoy it all over again!


The Joyners #1 ( Of 4)
Writer: R. J. Ryan
Artist: David Marquez
Colorist: Kelly Fitzpatrick
Cover: David Marquez

In mid-21st-century Northern California, prosperous technology executive George Joyner stands on the brink of revolutionizing life in America (again) with his latest high-flying invention. But just as business booms, George’s private life begins to implode, with devastating consequences for his wife Sonya, their children Rochester and Michelle, and Sonya’s ailing father, David.



The Joyners #1 will be on shelves June 15th!

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