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June 11, 2016

The Comics Console: ‘Injustice 2’ Sneak Peak News and Character Fan Wishlist!

Later today, Ed Boon will be unveiling gameplay footage for Injustice 2 at the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League Season 3 Finals! This will be a sneak peak of what fans will get a taste of at E3 2016 so tune in to twitch.tv/netherrealm at 5:00 pm PT today!

We recently got a look at the reveal trailer for the upcoming Injustice 2 video game and it looks just as intense and brutal as it’s predecessor! Now aside from the stellar graphics, environmental damage, and gameplay what we REALLY want to know is who some of the playable characters will be? We’ve only seen a handful so far in the trailer with the surprise of seeing Supergirl blasting her cousin with heat vision. Other playable characters listed but not shown in the trailer were the Red Lantern, Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd. Well, here’s a wish list of characters that should make an appearance in this game as playable characters. Now we’re talking the main console game here and not the portable version which a couple of these characters did appear on. However, everyone knows the main game is where the action is.

The game could also benefit from a bit more diversity as well. Out of the 30 playable characters in Injustice: Gods Among Us you only get 7 women. Then Cyborg, Black Adam, and Bane would round out the ethnic characters. John Stewart is just a skin swap for Hal so…there’s that.

Now, on to the wish list!

Big_BardaBig Barda: Being that she is a personal favorite, her inclusion would be some great wish fulfillment! Barda is a fresh face as far as fighting games go so the “new” factor is a huge plus and who doesn’t like having the power of a New God in their hands. That’s right, Big Barda is one and has fought Wonder Woman to a draw and traded punches with Superman. She’s a warrior trained since childhood on Apokalips and now a member the Justice League. She also carries her Mega-Rod which has it’s own set of uses and could be utilized in some sick combos for the character. She also had a cameo in the first game so it would be nice to see her in full on action in the sequel.

Skins: Kingdom Come, New 52, JLU

vixen100Vixen: Mari McCabe is a powerhouse with the ability to utilize various animal abilities via her Tantu totem. This could give her a very tricky fighting style based on which animal she’s channeling and how players decide to mix things up. Putting her in the game would be a smart move to help boost her popularity as well. With a recent animated series getting a second season, a live action appearance on Arrow, and now she’s joining the Legends of Tomorrow cast, putting more eyes on her would be a good idea.

Skins: Arrow costume, Animated series costume


StaticStatic Shock: Appearing on the iOs/Android version of Injsutice: God Among Us was okay but this is one character that deserves to be on the main console version in the sequel. Expanding his move set and improving his super move shouldn’t even be too much of a problem either. Though leaving the trench coat on is needed because he looked odd without it. It’s like seeing the Spider-Man costume with no webbing on it. You can get away with it but you really shouldn’t do it. He could also get a Dakota specific stage with other Milestone characters in the background!

Skins: First CostumeJLU Static

ClayfaceClayface: Maybe I’ve got a soft spot (no pun intended) for this guy but he’d be a nice addition to the roster. A large, hulking, bruiser of a character that might not move as fast but can dish out the damage. Maybe toss in some Dhalsim like ranged moves to make up for the lack of speed as well. And with his morphing ability it opens up other possibilities and expands his move list beyond the same old standards we usually see for big guys in fighting games.

Skins: Basil Karlo from Rebirth, Matt Hagen from Batman: The Animated Series version

Water-BearersAqualad (Kaldur’ahm): Seeing Kaldur in this game would be a nice nod to all of the Young Justice fans out there. So what better way to deliver some fan service than to have the leader of the team put his aquatic sorcery skills to good use with beat down after beat down. Oh, and since Khary Payton came back to voice Cyborg in the first game it shouldn’t be too hard to convince him to reprise his role as Kaldur. Everybody wins!

Skins: Young Justice, Black Manta Armor

vibe-new-52Vibe: Anyone who watches The Flash on CW can’t help but like Cisco Ramon. Not only that but that show has accomplished something that hasn’t been done in decades by making Vibe cool! Something that NO ONE saw coming in this lifetime. So why not put him in the game utilizing those seismic powers and even throw in a teleport move to mimic him opening dimension rifts like on the show. But the icing on the cake would be to have Carlos Valdes come and voice the character as well!

Skins: New 52 costume, Reverb

2016-06-10 14.35.39Grail: With the Darkseid War recently finished who better to have in the game than the daughter of the ruler of Apokalips! She may not be as well known as most of the roster but she decimated the Justice League and Green Lantern Corps so I’d say that more than qualifies her for an appearance in the game. She’s also got Omega Beams just like her dear old dad!

Skin: Darkseid War

Black_CanaryBlack Canary: There’s just no excuse as to why Dinah wasn’t in the first game so she needs to make her presence felt here in the sequel. She’s one of the top hand to hand combatants in the DCU and when you throw in the Canary Cry she’s an even larger powerhouse. She’s also a major character in the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic storyline so maybe that will also help her chances of being a playable character in the game. Her presence might also help cut back on so many Bat family characters showing up. Especially that Tim Drake guy!

Skins: New 52, Young Justice, Arrow (Laura Lance)


Poison Ivy: Her absence from the first game was surprising but that can be corrected by adding Ivy to the roster here. It would also make sense considering she’s coming off of a hit mini series and her merch is a flying off of shelves! She could also have a pretty crazy plant based set of attacks with some environmental interactions thrown in.

Skins: New 52, Batman The Animated Series, Dr. Pamela Isley



The Longshot:

Amanda_Waller's_revengeAmanda Waller: With the Suicide Squad movie coming out it wouldn’t be too far off to assume we’ll get some tie-ins via Skins or characters in this game. Well out of all the characters from the film I’d most like to see an ass kicking, big gun toting, Amanda Waller step up to the fight! And not the New 52 slimmed down version either but the original Waller. The one who looks like she’ll slap you through a wall for bringing wack potato salad to the cookout and takes no crap from Batman.


So there’s the chosen ten for now and fingers crossed at least a few of these actually make an appearance in the game! So let us know in the comments who you’d  like to see pop up in Injustice 2 and what you thought of these picks.


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  1. klue

    Amanda Waller would be the SHIT in a fighting game!!!! Maybe throw in Parkside, Para Demons, Starfire, and the guy who controls the purple blocks from Teen Titans too!

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