May 13, 2016

Marvel Reviews: The Ultimates #7

ultimates7The Ultimates #7
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Kenneth Rocafort
Colorist: Dan Brown
Cover: Kenneth Rocafort

The Ultimates have been dealing with huge cosmic level events since the first issue so you’d think they would be getting some down time soon. Well, not if Ewing has anything to say about it. Captain Marvel is overtired and now is not the time for the Shi’Ar to point out a rise in Cosmic Cube activity on Earth. Not only that but Blue Marvel and T’Challa aren’t particularly seeing eye to eye on what to do with their latest prisoner and the big purple guy is back.

Ewing packs this issue with some of the best character moments this series has seen so far. It’s actually one of those times where the Ultimates seem more like a team than just a group of smart and strong characters thrown together to look like a team. The dialogue and series of exchanges are the highlights of the story as Danvers is throwing some serious shade towards the Shi’Ar Commander while he attempts to get a rise out of her. Which is pretty easy when your people have a history of kidnapping red headed mutant girls. Ewing’s sequence with T’Challa and Blue Marvel is another fine moment between the team members where we’re reminded that T’Challa walks in several roles. Though, this might not have shown them at their most agreeable it does give us a new dynamic to consider and it shows that Blue Marvel also won’t back down.

Kenneth Rocafort continues to do what he does best and that is tell a dynamic visual story from beginning to end. Utilizing the entire page with some fascinating layouts you’re going to enjoy every page. He syncs up perfectly with the narrative during the Black Panther and Blue Marvel sequence and gives it a serious punch with the image of T’Challa framed by panthers as his kingdom rests in the background. It gives the visual kick to his “I am Wakanda…” comment. When the action kicks up with the appearance of Thanos, Rocafort keeps your eye entertained and moving through the fight as it builds. He knows how to pace and frame an action sequence and makes sure that it delivers all the way. Going hand in hand with the strength of the art are the colors from Dan Brown. He gives Danvers that extra tired look of a leader that’s been going too long without rest which was a necessary element here. From there he just helps to enhance the look of the issue whether it’s by the panel borders or just by kicking things up a notch.

If you haven’t tried The Ultimates yet there’s a decent recap that brings you up to speed before you get into the story here. This is definitely one of the stronger issues in a young series that has been a little up and down in terms of story. However, it looks like things are back on track as Ewing has just increased the threat level for the team while Rocafort and Brown make it look great!

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