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April 23, 2016

Comic Artists & More Pay Tribute to Prince!

Dig if you will a pitcture…

Prince fans worldwide were shocked and saddened to hear that His Royal Badness had passed away. With a career that has spanned decades his music has brought together one of the most diverse fanbases you could imagine. His music also brought together people in a way that caused a few population spikes so we can thank him for that as well. If your parents bought the 1989 Batman soundtrack and you heard Scandalous playing late one night, then just know Prince was the reason for your new little brother or sister that came along later…

Well remember that huge fanbase that was mentioned earlier? Well, lucky for us, many of them are the talented folks we know in comics and for the past several days many of these artists have used their talents to pay tribute to another artist they respected for one reason or another. Other artists here are from the same world whose work we may not have seen in comics though it’s just as powerful. So we’ve pulled together some of it here for you to see below…


Artist: San Siguenza

This is most likely a drop in the bucket of Prince art that has hit the internet over the past several days but if you see something you like check out these talented people on Instagram, Twitter, or their own webpages! Shameless plug for our very own Ink Stains master, Mr. Ken Myer Jr. who laid down one of the funkiest pieces of art capturing Prince singing one of my favorite songs!

Did you also know Prince even had his own comic back in 1991 written by Dwayne McDuffie with art by Denys Cowan? There’s also been several Purple Rain movie poster homage covers done over the years as well.

FB_IMG_1461278331825 Batman_and_Robin-6_Cover-1 b62fa4d50db0c31ec0cd93d964195f08

Hopefully you enjoyed all of this great artwork and continue to enjoy and pass it on!


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