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March 8, 2016

New Marvel Posters for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’, ‘Daredevil’, and ‘Captain America: Civil War’!

Team Iron Man have now made their poster debut in a series of one-sheets much like the Team Cap posters. All to get us ready for the release of Captain America: Civil War! Team Iron Man consists of Vision, T’Challa aka Black Panther, Black Widow, and War Machine. A group who many fans think clearly overpowers Captain America’s team of Winter Soldier, Falcon, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Ant-Man. Though it looks like many are already rooting for the underdogs each team might have a wildcard in Black Panther with Tony and Scarlet Witch over with Cap. So whose side are you on when the opening credits start on May 6th?


IMG_20160307_061641 IMG_20160307_061650 IMG_20160307_061719 IMG_20160307_061631


CAP_Character_1Sht_IronMan_v5_lg CAP_Character_1Sht_BPanther_v2_lg CAP_Character_1Sht_BWidow_v2_lg CAP_Character_1Sht_WMachine_v2_lg CAP_Character_1Sht_Vision_v2_lg


Next we finally get a look at Frank Castle aka the Punisher in his costume alongside Daredevil and Elektra in the latest image for Marvel’s Daredevil. Those who saw the trailers were looking for a glimpse of Punisher in the classic skull t-shirt but the powers that be saved that little treat for this image here. So now all you have to do is wait patiently until March 18th to see the second season on Netflix!



Not to be left out of the mix are Marvel’s mutants as we get a villain poster for X-Men: Apocalypse! A nice shot of En Sabah Nur with his followers, Storm, Psylocke, Magneto, and Archangel. One thing that’s noticeable is that it’s nice to finally see some colour in these costumes instead of the black leather worn in most of these films. Guess we’ll see how it all turns out on May 27th!

xmen-apocalypse-poster-full (1)


There you have it comic fans! Which one are you most excited for or are you just happy that it’s a great year to be a comic book fan?!


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