December 16, 2009

Matt Fraction to Write Thor!

Yes it’s true Marvelites! Current The Ivincible Iron Man and Uncanny X-Men scribe Matt Fraction will assume writing duties on the Thor ongoing series according to the L.A. Times. Fraction was quoted as saying, ” I got obsessed with the character, because for the first time I figured out…what you could do with Thor.” Fraction has been producing outstanding work with both titles, so great things should be expected from him this year.


The cover of Fraction's first issue!

There were rumors swirling around about John Romita Jr. being pegged as the artist but it appears that rumors are all it was. He will however do the above Iron Man & Thor cover, which has been confirmed by Marvel. Honestly, any of Marvel’s top guns should be able to handle the artistic duties, but I’m pulling for Olivier Coipel myself. Fraction is a 3 time Eisner award nominee and took home the award this year for Best New Series with The Invincible Iron Man. Given the work Fraction has pumped out over the last few years, I expect his run on Thor shouldn’t skip a beat! No date or issue number was given for his debut, but look for Fraction to take the reigns after Marvel’s big event: Siege!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. I’m VERY excited for this! I just hope it doesn’t mean he’s off of Uncanny X-Men now…

  2. Glad to hear Fraction will be on Thor. Not so glad to here JRJR will be doing art. I know I’m probably minority here, but I can do without him.

  3. billy

    @Andy-I hope they take him off Iron Man but leave him on UXM.
    @AH-Marvel only confirmed JRjr is doing that one specific cover so I think it will be someone else doing the monthly artwork.

  4. if there is a trade off i’d rather him stay on UXM though i liked IIM a lot more than i thought i would we need the mutant books from fallin’ off again I can do without a lot of JRJR for a while so I’m glad its just covers

  5. Billy

    LOL, Thor looks pre-pubescent in that pic.

  6. InfiniteSpeech

    I was thinking the same thing Billy lol

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