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February 14, 2016

Character Spotlight: Groot

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Once an obscure character only some knew about, now he’s a household name with a catchphrase the kids love.While he may be many folks’ favorite tree, he still has a lot of history that has changed over the years. Where does Groot come from? What brought him to befriend a raccoon and then a group of strangers from across the galaxy? Let’s find out!


Groots are a species that hail from Planet X where tree-people rule over mammals. Only capable of saying “I am Groot.” but able to communicate with subtle vibrations and tones for some to understand them. Ruling over mammals, who were of a servant class to the Groots, the hero who would be Groot was different from his fellows.


Finding peace and companion ship with the mammals, Groot would defend them from the cruelty the other Groots would make them endure. This would lead to Groot killing another in defense of a mammal. Exiled from Planet X, young Groot would find himself wandering through out Kree space to find meaning in his own life.


Soon finding himself in prison, Groot would meet Rocket Raccoon and become fast friends. The two would be recruited into Star-Lord’s Guardians of the Galaxy team to stop the race known as the Phalanx. After this battle was won, some of the team would disperse, this included Groot and Rocket. The two would wind up imprisoned by Mojo and forced to become incredibly merchandised media darlings. Forced into a set of deadly TV shows, Groot would help fight their way out of the Mojoverse, Mojo’s home dimension where Mojo is the god-king.

Groot cover #1

The return of Thanos on Earth would unite Groot with the Guardians of the Galaxy as they faced off with their old enemy. While on Earth, Groot would apply for nanny of Danielle Cage, daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, he would not get the position.


Traveling with the Guardians to the “Cancerverse” where Death no longer exists and all creatures have been possessed by an evil force, Groot would fight and lose several of his fellow Guardians. Due to the ability of continuous growth in this dimension, Groot was able to grow to massive sizes he was not normally able to achieve as quickly. He would escape back to the 616 dimension with the survivors to create a much smaller Guardians of the Galaxy.


Now with the new Guardians of the Galaxy team, he’d work with Captain Marvel and Agent Venom. Even becoming possessed by the symbiote himself, able to say “I am Venom.” instead of his usual words of wisdom. He would also be transformed by the Black Vortex, a mirror that grants one massive cosmic power, upon rejecting it he was further changed in how he looks.



There you have it! Groot has a strange history. Technically he started as a monster movie style villain who became a beloved figure of dangerous benevolence. He once was a fully speaking false prince of Planet X who was ready to destroy all others until he developed the speech pattern he now has. Whatever he was in the past, he’s now one of the most popular and beloved characters of today with his sweetness and willingness to get violent to protect those he loves. Where he’ll go in comics and movies will certainly be an interesting thing to witness. See you next time!

Groot comic

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