February 9, 2016

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 02/03/16

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Written by: Arnab
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tec 49Batman: Detective Comics #48
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, and Chris Sotomayor
Cover Artist:
Andrew Robinson

Though Gordon’s run as Batman is hopefully getting close to ending, there’s finally an arc that is being handled correctly. This cCurrent act on Detective Comics focuses more on the “detective” aspect of the job description and focuses less on how little time Gordon has been under the cowl. The biggest problem that DC has run into in the past, is that they spent too much time establishing how much of a newbie Gordon is in the suit instead of just delving right into the heart of the problem. That isn’t the case here, instead Peter J. Tomasi is treating this arc like any other Batman arc, minus the fact that it’s Gordon, not Bruce, under the mask. Gordon’s got his hand full with this new villain, who has continued to stump the GCPD regarding his identity and his motive. 3/5

midnighter 9Midnighter #9
Writer: Steve Orlando
Artists: ACO, Hugo Petrus, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Cover Artists: ACO and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Publisher: DC

The edge that Midnighter had over all of his enemies, is now effectively gone against his newest rival, Afterthought. Though his code name is a joke, Afterthought is pretty much Midnighter 2.0, making him more than capable enough to absolutely trounce Midnighter one on one. Steve Orlando has done such a great job building up to this point. His characterization and development of Midnighter has been frantastic and it will be exciting to see how he reacts to no longer being the world’s best fighter as well as the loss of of a boyfriend. The way this issue played out at the end, with the introduction of Afterthought, and the return of the Suicide Squad, as handled perfectly. Now all that’s left to do is see how Midnighter gets himself out of this mess. 4/5

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