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December 18, 2009

Princess Powerful Attacks: The Incredibles: Family Matters

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In 2004, Pixar created a superhero computer animated film entitled The Incredibles.  The film was written and directed by Brad Bird and starred many talented actors and actresses like Samuel L. Jackson and Holly Hunter.  The story focused on the Parr family, who struggled with ensuring that their superhuman abilities remained a secret. Fifteen years ago, superheroes protected citizens from oncoming danger; then one particular hero saved a citizen from falling out of a ten story window.  Later,  the citizen sued the hero who saved him, which caused a series of lawsuits filed against every superhero.  The government demanded that all of the superheroes had to live a normal life.  Years later, Bob Parr received a job offer to take up his cape once more from a strange company, which ultimately forced him to confront his past.  Meanwhile, his family risked their lives to safely bring him back home.

In 2009, The Incredibles were made into a series of comic books published by BOOM! Kids/BOOM! Studios in collaboration with Disney Publishing.  The Incredibles: Family Matters was the first mini-series of the group since its first self-titled comic published by Dark Horse in 2004.  The current series, The Incredibles: City of Incredibles,  is an ongoing story.


Issue #3 by Sean "Cheeks" Galloway

Title: The Incredibles: Family Matters
Writer: Mark Waid
Art: Marcio Takara
Color: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Jose Macasocol Jr. (Joe Macasocol)
Issues: #1-4
Cover: #1- Nick Filardi & Michael Avon Oeming, Mike Mignola, ;  #2- Sean Galloway, Andrew Dalhouse & Marcio Takara, Tom Scioli after Jack Kriby; #3- Sean Galloway, Andrew Dalhouse & Marcio Takara; Tom Scioli & Ryan Scott; #4- Sean Galloway, Andrew Dalhouse& Marcio Takara, Tom Scioli & Ryan Scott
Pages: 24
Price: $2.99
Publisher: BOOM! Kids/BOOM! Studios
Release Date: March 2009- June 2009

Side Notes: Bob has been losing his powers for weeks.  In order to not hurt his family/teammates, he hides his secret from them.  Can he find a cure for his illness and stop whoever orchestrated it? The first issue covers by Nick Filardi & Michael Avon Oeming, had four different versions that created a tetraptych.  Also, it was reprinted with a foil cover and had a second printing. The trade paperback and hard cover books of The Incredibles: Family Matters was released in July 2009.

I really enjoyed reading The Incredibles: Family Matters.  It had a great story, and felt that it could be a great introduction to the superhero comic genre for children.  However, the message for characters not to keep secrets from teammates/family members felt like a public service announcement.  If your child were to read The Incredibles: Family Matters it’s important that you discuss the comic’s situation and content.

xander+violetThe artwork was great.  The artists succeeded in translating the computer animation into illustrations.  My favorite panel was when Xander, a neighbor from next door, and Violet kiss.  I’m drawn to the simplicity of how Xander and Violet were depicted in that panel. I feel the drawings are more refined on that page than on other pages.

The Incredibles: Family Matters was a great comic.  It felt like a continuation of the series, so I really enjoyed reading it.  Also, I felt that due to the content of the comic, parents should sit down with their children to discuss it.  It would be a perfect time to share thoughts, feelings, and questions regarding the superhero genre and the comic’s message.

Although The Incredibles: Family Matters is targeted to children, adults would be just as entertained as I was reading it.

“Honey?….Where’s my super suit?”

Princess Powerful



  1. I liked the movie but couldn’t understand why it was so popular. Especially when considering the team was essentially the F4.

  2. It’s popular because it’s AWESOME and the Fantastic Four are LAME. 🙂

  3. billy

    I thought the movie was cute. My kids enjoyed it, but to me, it wasn’t the best movie I’d ever seen or anything.

  4. InfiniteSpeech

    Kristin has a point Andy lol Yeah they are a blatant rip of the FF but Incredibles just has more personality and their movie was better than the FF movie any day!

  5. The creators say: “homage”, I say: “flat out mocking”. XD

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