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December 27, 2015

Character Spotlight: Rose Wilson

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Daughter of one of the deadliest people on the planet. Manipulated by her own father. A family of dangerous and deadly people. Rose Wilson sure has the deck stacked against her. Can she be a good person when she’s got so much bad running in her veins and running around her? Let’s find out!

Rose Wilson-Worth was the daughter Lillian Worth and Slade Wilson, Deathstroke the Terminator, while being kept a secret from her mercenary father. It wouldn’t be until Rose was 14 that her father’s mentor-turned-butler, Wintergreen, would discover Rose and wonder if she could be Slade’s child. When her uncle, Wade DeFarge, the first Ravager, learns of Rose’s connection to Slade on his path to kill Slade’s friends and family, kidnapping her to lure him in.


Lillian and Wintergreen would work together to rescue Rose but Lillian would appear to die in a car crash in her attempt of killing DeFarge. Rose would try to finally connect with her father but from all the death and destruction caused by being tied to him he distanced himself and left her with the Teen Titans to train. It’s here that she learns she has precognitive powers after being badly injured and see her father’s future. She leaves the Titans soon after this and gets adopted by a family in Chicago.

Rose’s normal life is short lived as DeFarge finds her and kills her adoptive parents. This time, DeFarge wasn’t after Rose for personal vengeance but because he’d been hired by an unknown client. It would turn out to be Slade himself who was trying to manipulate Rose closer to him on his own terms. He would even call in the Teen Titans to rescue her and then handily take them all out and rescue Rose. He’d explain she was the only family he had left and offer DeFarge as her first kill if she desired to train with him. She accepts and begins her training as an assassin and mercenary.

Rose_Wilson Ravager-NewDesign


Taking DeFarge’s codename of Ravager, Rose would gain a similar costume to her father’s. He would inject her with the serum that granted him enhanced physical abilities but it would also give her some psychosis. Her loyalty is put to the test when she is commanded to kill her half-brother Jericho who was currently possessing Beast Boy. This hesitation disappoints her father and to show her remorse for not killing, takes her own eye out so she looks even more like her father.

After losing a fight to Cassandra Cain, Rose would train with Dick Grayson who Slade was testing for loyalty. To further test Grayson, Rose was fitted with Kryptonite in her missing eye’s socket and then they were sent to fight Superman. Dick is able to teach altruism to Rose during this fight and with this Slade makes an uneasy truce with Dick to keep Blüdhaven safe from Slade’s villain group, The Society, as long as he does not continue to interfere with Rose’s training. Before departing, Dick tells Rose that her kryptonite eye is still deadly to humans over time.

Upon learning this, Rose leaves her father in disgust and is asked to join Tim Drake’s Teen Titans. Never quite fitting in, she still is able to make friends with Kid Devil. She’d help find a missing Raven and find the mole within the team. While saving Raven from the traitor, her half-brother Jericho is resurrected by Raven. The two reunite and try to form a familial bond, unaware that the traitor of the Teen Titans was planned and set by their father.

When the Terror Titans rise up as an opposite number to the Titans, Rose is able to get a rematch with Cassandra Cain because now Cassandra is the one working for Slade. She and Jericho are not able to stop their father but able to distract him long enough for the original Titans to arrive and help stop him.


A future team of adult Titans arrive with many of her current team members among them, but not an adult Rose. Apparently a future Rose will betray the team but as she and the rest of the team hang out with these future versions they learn that they are far darker than they appear. It seems that whatever leads the Titans down this road is tied to Robin and they are able to fix the change to eliminate an army of future Titans from attacking them.

The Terror Titans return, this time lead by the Clock King and when Red Devil is kidnapped, Rose goes to rescue him. She rescues Wonder Girl from their attacks but nearly kills one of the attackers. When she overhears that Robin and Wonder Girl worry about her, she leaves the team to join the Terror Titans. Of course, this is all so Rose can infiltrate the Terror Titans where she learns that Clock King plans to used brainwashed teen heroes to attack L.A. Rose is able to take down Clock King and his plans but he still gets away.

Returning to the Titans as her brother starts to fall into his old ways of trying to destroy the team. She offers to help him stop but he breaks away from her and she must unite with the team to stop him. When Blackest Night occurs, several of her old family members return to life to attack her and she is able to help fight them off and even reluctantly saves her father’s life. When all is said and done, Rose notices that of all the resurrected family members who attacked her, her mother was not one of them. Her mother may still be alive.

Rejoining the Titans so she can use their resources, she attempts to find her mother. She also befriends the newest Robin, Damian Wayne, the two have a lot in common as children of assassins who struggle with being heroes. She’d remain with the team until the very end of this reality.


In the New 52, Rose is a mercenary for the organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and is a handler for Superboy. There is also a look into a possible future where Rose has married Garfield Logan, Beast Man and the two have a child.

There you have it folks! Rose has had a rough life but she’s striving to be better is what endears her to me. She took her own eye out, Odin style. That’s hardcore. Her New 52 take is different but still somewhat interesting. Who knows where she’ll pop up next? See you next time!

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